Wholistic or Holistic. How Different Parkinson’s People Approach Their Treatment 01/11 by Parkinsons Recovery

Since appearing on this show last fall, Dr. Hageseth has consulted with scores of what he calls Parkinson’s People (PPs).  PPs consist of Person’s with Parkinson’s (PwPs), caregivers, interested family and many different professionals.

Overall PPs are dissatisfied with allopathic medicine, but dissatisfied or not, many take medications with considerable benefit. The majority feel their neurologists do not take enough time with them or discuss other options with them.

The Internet abounds with alternative approaches, but sadly, most offer little data or studies to support their claims. I have interviewed several PPs who tried different treatments but with no success.

Holistic medicine should have a ‘W’ at the start of the word. Allopathic medicine helps, but it has its difficulties. I envision Wholistic medicine to include allopathic medicine and a healthy dose of Alternative Medicine as well.

The following quotes sum up my approach to PD

Don’t battle PD . . . challenge it – better yet, dance with it.

Do not resign yourself to PD, accept it and get on with your life.

Only you can engage your BodyMind to bring about self-directed neuroplastic change that will rewire your brain.

BUT it’s not up to your neurologist, IT’S UP TO YOU!

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