Whole Brain Power for Brain Rejuvenation 08/31 by Parkinsons Recovery

The fine and gross motor controls of the hands help to grow the brain.  This brain growth occurs specifically on the surface of the brain (cerebral cortex) as well as certain anatomical areas of the hippocampi structures, the corpus collosum and the cerebellum.  Science has proven that the growth of myelin occurs with improved procedural memories.  When the myelin thickens on the axon sheaths, chemical changes occur and the master steroid called Pregnenolone is produced.  This is part of the Steroidogenesis process that helps to maintain homeostasis within the brain. 

The brain has the ability to create new neurons in a process called Neurogenesis. There is now much evidence to support that the brain has much greater plasticity than previously recognized.This is encouraging news for anyone dealing with mild cognitive impairment. People dealing with Parkinson’s  can be inspired to become more proactive with the issues of doing certain brain exercises that can help to rewire both hemispheres.

One of the tenets of the Whole Brain Power system is to work on ambidexterity with handwriting drills and to also work on mirror writing.  This exercise is called “Da Vinci writing.”  It is one in which the practitioner writes from right to left with cursive penmanship.  The other ambidextrous drill is to bounce a golf ball off a mallet and to do so with either hand.  People with Parkinson’s seem to make tremendous strides in these areas where initially they had coordination problems.   

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