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You probably know how important it is to exercise when you have Parkinson’s disease (PD). Exercise can help you manage the different symptoms of your PD and can help you regain control of your life. However, the question always arises about what types of exercise are best. And while there is no one size fits all approach to an exercise regimen, many people who live with Parkinson’s have been flocking to boxing exercise regimens.

While you probably have heard of Parkinson’s boxing classes you may not know exactly what they entail and what symptoms it can help alleviate.

What is a Parkinson’s Boxing Class?

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A Parkinson’s boxing class is a full-body workout exercise regimen where you perform non-combat boxing exercises. A typical Parkinson’s boxing class will involve:

  • Anywhere from 30 – 60 minutes of exercises
  • Stretches and warm-up exercises to prepare the body for the workout and to avoid injury.
  • Punching speed bags to help improve coordination and posture or punching heavy bags to build strength and muscle.
  • Vocal exercises are incorporated into the workout to help with any voice disorder symptoms of Parkinson’s.
  • Footwork and other agility exercises will be used to help improve balance.
  • There is also a lot of group exercises that focus on socialization and community in each class.

If you would like to see a Parkinson’s boxing class in action click here.

What are the benefits of a Parkinson’s Boxing Class?

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The benefits associated with a Parkinson’s boxing exercise regimen include:

  • Increased strength
  • Improved hand-eye coordination
  • Improved posture
  • Better cognitive processing
  • Relieve symptoms for soft-voice disorders
  • Stronger core which can lead to a better gait
  • Improved balance and agility
  • Improved reaction time

FAQ’s for Parkinson’s Boxing classes

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I ask my doctor before attending a class?

  • You should always consult your doctor before starting up any new intense exercise regimen to make sure that it will be beneficial to you.

Do I need to bring my own boxing gloves?

  • Boxing gloves are provided at locations although many participants like to bring their own customized gloves.

Will I be fighting other people?

  • No, the classes are non-combat which means you will not be punching or be punched by, another person.

How intense is the class?

  • The class intensity can vary depending upon the instructor, but the average intensity is more than most seated Parkinson’s exercise classes.

How to find a Parkinson’s boxing class near you.

Now that you know what a Parkinson’s boxing class entails and the various benefits associated with the class, you might be asking yourself where you can find a boxing class near you. Luckily our foundation provides multiple boxing classes online and within the Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. areas at no cost. So, click on the link below to find a boxing class that is closest to you! We also provide various other exercise, communication and education classes at no cost for those affected by Parkinson’s. Click here to learn more about all our class offerings

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