“We’re learning we’re immortal.” – Resurrecting Mum’s teachings

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My mother delivered this message about immortality with a voice of absolute authority and insisted I tell others. She had been a very anxious person all her life and like most people had feared death. But to my amazement when she had late-stage Alzheimer’s everything changed. She said, “I have no worries or fear … death is nothing to be afraid of.” Knowing this she was able to face her own death fearlessly and even anticipate her life beyond.

So how did she do this? And how did she know she was immortal? She hadn’t been particularly religious and had had her fair share of troubles in life. As happens in late-stage Alzheimer’s she experienced intermittent altered-states of consciousness. Her sense of linear time diminished – past and future rolled into the present and she lost her sense of self, her ego. Her profound realizations came to her not through anything she was doing, but rather through what she wasn’t doing. She was just, ‘being’, in the ‘now’. ‘Being’ is a transcendental state and it is known that in this state people can gain access to subtle realms and other dimensions.

These things however didn’t happen to my mother in isolation. She needed a witness and trusted companion and I was privileged to fulfill this role. She led the way and I tried to ‘be’ like her: parking my ego to one side while being totally present. In this state of ‘being’ together we experienced feelings of deep, unconditional love that my mother summed up beautifully when she said, “Love is what it is.”

Taking a more rational view you wouldn’t be blamed for asking, was this merely a delusion? After all, most people assume that the wanderings of the Alzheimer’s mind are delusional. And did I become deluded too? Did we both want to believe in immortality so created the illusion?

Something extraordinary happened during this time that convinced me that this was not a delusion and that what my mother was telling me was the truth. She became very psychic and on at least eight occasions told me things about myself I hadn’t told her and of which she had no ‘normal’ way of knowing. This convinced me that she was tuning into some other level of consciousness, possibly the Universal Information Field, and was accessing the information from there.

Since the personal information she was giving me was one hundred percent accurate, how could I be selective and not accept that the other information was accurate too? After all, what she was saying about immortality is what mystics and religious teachers have been telling us throughout the ages. Further more, her memory was severely impaired so it seemed to me that this information was coming to her directly from a source of wisdom on a non-physical level.

Moving from believing about immortality to knowing it has had a profound effect on me. It had changed how I experience life. Knowing could change your life too. Don’t think about it, ‘be’ it, know it, now!

Looking forward to connecting again.

Maggie La Tourelle

Author of, The Gift of Alzheimer’s – New Insights into the Potential of Alzheimer’s and its Care, Watkins Publishing.

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