Rheumatoid Arthritis

Unprecedented Steps to Progress for People with Rheumatoid Disease

by Kelly O’Neill

During 2020 one of the most common terms has been unprecedented. I’ve heard people joke about how often it’s used. Today, we follow that trend.

For many people whose work requires that they travel, this unprecedented time has meant big changes and even setbacks. This past spring, Shannon Young and I were scheduled to go participate in a CME (continuing medical education) project that is very aligned with our RPF mission to improve the lives of people with rheumatoid disease (RD). You probably know that one of our goals under that mission has always been to improve clinical care in RD.

Happily, the CME project went forward this summer with the technology that’s becoming so familiar—Zoom calls! You can learn more below about the activity called Revolutionizing T2T in RA: Future Paradigms with JAK Inhibitors. I hope you will watch the videos and share them with your friends and colleagues because this content highlights some leading-edge perspectives in treating RD. This is an unprecedented occasion connecting both medical and patient-advocacy Key Opinion Leaders to discuss the best approaches to improving clinical care in RD—recorded on live video! This is where the rubber meets the road as my Mom used to say—where progress is made. Shannon and I are excited to continue to contribute to projects like this because we believe that this content can bring about that much needed progress in care for people RD.

Revolutionizing T2T in RA: Future Paradigms with JAK Inhibitors

Clinical Commentary and Patient Perspectives

presented by Academy for Continued Healthcare Learning (ACHL)

Recently released! Patient ambassadors, Kelly O’Neill and Shannon Young, EdD share their rheumatoid arthritis (RA) diagnostic journey and treatment goals with top RA clinician experts Kevin Winthrop MD, MPH, Oregon Health and Science University; William F.C. Rigby, MD, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center; and Philip Mease, MD, MACR, University of Washington School of Medicine. Their views were incorporated into an accredited continuing medical education activity released nationally for clinicians who are seeking information on treatment advances that will improve their patients’ outcomes in RA care.

Kelly and Shannon’s views and stories were vital in providing physicians and patients with the framework needed to foster shared decision-making among the RA team to improve patient quality of life, as defined by the patient.

Video highlights featuring Kelly and Shannon: CLICK HERE

To view the full activity: CLICK HERE




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