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It is nearly inevitable that you will at some point need to have surgery or an outpatient procedure even if unrelated to your Parkinson’s disease. See our Facebook video tip of the day on anaesthesia and Parkinson’s. Here are a few tips to keep you safe.

  • Light or no anesthesia is better (less is more). Ask if the procedure can be performed under local instead of general anesthesia.

  • If you need sedation think about short acting drugs like Versed.

  • Watch our for drug-drug interactions particularly with MAO-B inhibitors and pain medications (demerol). MAO-B inhibitors do not mix well with some gas based anesthetics (e.g. halothane).

  • Many pain medications can lead to constipation.

  • The Parkinson’s foundation has a free hospitalization kit which has lots of helpful tips and procedures to keep you safe in the hospital.

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