‘This is Betty’: Family join forces to support Alzheimer Scotland this September

One determined family are joining up this September by walking together as a family to fundraise for Alzheimer Scotland and in honour of Betty, their much-loved member of the family.

Betty from East Kilbride was diagnosed with dementia in February 2020, following her family noticing small differences over the years, and more seriously when Betty began retirement.

Kerry, Betty’s granddaughter recalls the changes they noticed before the diagnosis:

“She was getting very forgetful, but people put that down to her age. The hardest part was when she was out with my grandad and came back from Glasgow. She got off the bus and didn’t know where she stayed, that’s when we knew we needed to get her checked and hopefully find out if it was dementia or not”.

Not long after her diagnosis the UK went into lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Kerry tells us:

“Lockdown hasn’t been the kindest to her as she has been stuck inside with no physical contact with people apart from her husband for months. We try to do as many video calls as possible but it’s just not the same.

She got confused and didn’t understand why she had to be kept in, feeling like she had been in for months when it was just weeks. It’s sad and heartbreaking but she will get there. She has us and we will be there for her the whole way through this!”

The family anticipate that they will need support through Alzheimer Scotland at some stage and have decided to support the charity in the meantime. As Kerry explains:

“I know dementia isn’t something people want to talk about and it’s also something that you don’t see many people helping out and I just wanted to say a thank you in advance for the help we know we’re going to need in the years to come”.

Betty’s children, granddaughters and Betty’s 1-year old great grandson will walk at least 5km together but are already aiming high and hope to clock up as many kilometers as possible.

Kerry has been keeping people updated on their fundraising and awareness raising efforts through an online blog: We Walk For Your Memory

The family are most looking forward to coming together and involving Betty as much as possible.

You too can walk together as a family whilst supporting people living with dementia and their families this September at our annual Memory Walk; this year won’t be your average walk in the park – we’ll be going virtual. It’ll be your walk, your route, your way.
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