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Randy Eady, otherwise known as the foot whisperer, will present one of the 18 workshops offered at the Parkinsons Recovery Summit in Cincinnati in June, 2012.  Randy helps people with symptoms of Parkinsons Disease by stimulating the nerves and meridian pathways in their feet. He has developed several novel and revolutionary therapies that are offering sustained relief to people with Parkinsons. 

Randy is currently working with the California Institute for Human Science to create a Parkinson’s Recovery Garden using subtle energy elements discussed in this broadcast.  He will have elements of the garden at the June PR Summit that increase sense of touch in feet and hands and stimulates a sequence of meridian energy activation.  In July, participants will have the opportunity to “preview experience” the CIHS Therapy Garden Installation with movement protocols clinically shown to improve balance, breathing and circulation. Specific patterns of stone and crystal will encourage both magnetic resonance and balance with the earth. The PR Summit (June) and the Subtle Energy Science; Art & Practice of Consciousness and Healing Conference (July) will both include discussion of brain lateralization testing, foot palpation, and the emerging results of biospys that compared reflex areas and protocols in acupressure responsive and unresponsive feet. As well as explore the Resonator — which applies an extremely low-level electromagnetic field (EMF) along with proprietary targeted vibro-acoustic (TvA) protocols—intended to improve a number of the signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s and other neurological-based diseases.

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