Thank You to Our Donors: April – June 2021

A special commemoration for donations made in Memory and in Honor. Your ARPF is humbled to help remember your loved ones.


Thank you to the many anonymous donors whose support has been the foundation of championing Alzheimer’s. 


In Honor Of

Irene Bohlen
Lori Smith

Mary Dean
Sandra Possenti

Their Grammy
David Barry

Their Grandma
Roman Chawen

Edward G. James
Marci Raney

Helen Magana
Chelsea Magana

Donna Maier
Campbell Maier

Angela Hicks O’Brien
Vicki Bigan

Esther Rajner
Lori Smith

Randy Redden
Land Home Financial Services, Inc.


In Memory Of

Mary C. Erickson Berg Ardrey
Kelli Aaby
Donna M. Hall
Ken McKenzie

Krishnaswami Ramachandran Azad
Suvasini Koduvayur

Margaret Babarcsik
Luther S. Black
Linda Webb

Her Aunt Barbara
Nicole Ballew

Murray Berrie
Gail & Richard Dunlap

Roland Buck, Sr.
Charlie Buck

Jim Channels
Dreama A. Heath

Rojean Colbath
Alexah Bateman

Irv Cross
Larry Lundgren

Lawrence Hall Dailey
Leanne Groban
Matilda Woodall

Rose DiDomenick

J.D. Duncan, Jr.
Juanessa & Jerry Harris

Harvey David Ekus
L. Joseph Subotin

Belulah Erickson
Donna M. Hall

Haydee Fernandez
Jacqueline Fernandez

Ellene “Deetie” Goins
Sabrina Lowe
Althea Wooden

Leigh “Tim” B. Harris, II
Jeff Miles

Rebecca Holt
Barbara Mitchell

Esilda “Dol Dol” James
Jennifer James

Michael Jay
Doreen Weber

Donna Johnson
Linda Palmer

Joy Johnston
Sidney Long

Michael S. Karge
Christina Aldarondo
Comprehensive Marketing, Inc.
Kim & Rick Dyson
Kathleen Ennenbach
Jim Spevak
Marybeth Wallett

Marvin Dale Keith
Debbie Patton

Lawrence Olajire Kelekun
Peter Irono

Gertrud “Trud” Kertesz
Carissa Borgia
Mary Ann & Debbie Lombardi
Claire, Dennis & Jackie Toth

Martha (Marty) Kosinski
Carol & Harry Zeitler-Mirkin

Joseph M. Kurzeja
Norma Fabbri
Julie Haase
Priya Osman
Anna Smuskewicz
Gabriella Streicher

Francis (Frank) Laudati
Christopher White

Dale Layng
Chris & Roger McMullin

Mary Lombardo
Dreama A. Heath

Olga Lange
Lisa Lange

Douglas “Doug” Maclear
Marsha Wagner

Thelma (Erickson) McKenzie
Donna M. Hall

John Matthias McNeil
Lisa Gary Reed

Judith “Judy” Mulhall
Sandy (Mundt) Clifton
Linda Williams

Milon Ismael Ortiz Renteria
Security Service Federal Credit Union

Marie Cathleen “Caty” Ortquist
Bruce Ortquist

Pat Ostrander
Rita Domasevicius

William Schade
Monica Hefferman

Donald A. Shafer
The Moore Family

Edgar “Ed” Seymour Simons
Eli Simons

Audrey Katherine Wearn
Julie LaPalme

Minnie Elsie Williams, RN
Crystal Adams
Monique Anderson
Eve Biggers
The Ferrell Family
Frieda Shaw

Dr. Paul Tennyson Williams
Andrew Hoover

Kristi Wilson
Miriam Foshay

Ethel Wright
Beverly & Robert Allen

Larry Wright
Lisa Lange

Tameka Young-Finister
Jamie West

In Honor Of Marley Gellert’s Bat Mitzvah; In Memory of Marley’s Grandfather Paul Gellert
Heather Brucker
Melissa Cohen
Erica & Allan Deutsch
Amy, Lily & Melody Leibner
Roger Lipskin
Michael Lipson
Amy Palmieri
Charles & Wendy Roth
Lisa Schwartz
Karen Baumrind Stokes
Joan & Thalia Wright

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