Surviving Summer with Psoriasis

Summer can be tricky! In fact, scrap that; summer can be really hard! When others were gleefully hailing the sunshine and pulling on their shorts, I would invariably be inwardly praying for rain. It’s not that I begrudged others their fun in the sun (well, not too much!) but it was such a difficult season to dress around. I’m often asked how do I cope with my psoriasis during summer when it’s more challenging to conceal our skin, so I’ve given the subject some thought and come up with my tried and trusted staples that I turn to each year.
Even though my skin is now almost fully clear thanks to the wonder of drugs (the prescribed kind, I hasten to add) old habits die hard, and these summer staples are still firm favourites even now. The one good thing about our dire weather in this neck of the woods, is that we rarely have to deal with really hot temperatures. The trick is to lighten our colours, add a burst of summer through accessories and create the impression of a sunshine vibe to look like we are dressed for the season.
You all know I’m going to include it, so I’ll get it out of the way now – a white blazer is a must. It is smart, it is summery, it goes with everything, it disguises flakes. What more could you possibly ask for from a garment? A version of this will be available in most high street stores each year, such as the Structured Blazer from Mango, €69.95 which ticks all the boxes.
Whilst I’m on the subject of blazers, I would like to draw your attention to the Patch Pocket Blazer which I bought in Mango early last year in the camel colour, and have worn to death ever since. It has now appeared on the Mango Outlet site and all sizes are still available for the knock-down price of just €28.99. An absolute bargain for a jacket that you’ll get tons of wear out of. Size up as it’s slightly on the small side.
Another summer staple is a statement jacket. If like me, your wardrobe is fairly muted and neutral, it’s nice to shake things up with a burst of colour. It definitely brightens up an outfit. I have a striped number that I bought in Zara a few years ago which still gets dragged out each summer and is great for adding a pop of interest to white jeans and a tee. This Embroidery Bead Jacket, €89.95 from Mango is exactly the sort of jacket I love and is one that I think you’d find useful year on year.
As a self confessed skinnies addict, this year I have finally left my comfort zone … to move into an even more comfortable zone! Why, oh why, did it take me so long to try a looser fit trouser? In for a penny, in for a pound and my laziness knows no bounds with these pull-on, elasticated waist trousers from H&M. Do not judge me until you’ve tried them! Oh my Lord … the utter breezy ,slouchy, light, pocketed joy of them! I may have bought them in both colours. Just a note of caution; it’s H&M, so sizing is erratic at best. I also have no idea why they look so long in this picture as in reality they are ankle grazers.
Pull On Trousers, €24.99
When it comes to tops, I think the key is to look for 100% cotton where possible and surprisingly, Primark can be a really good place to find cute cotton tops that are very much on trend and certainly won’t break the bank. It’s just sometimes nice to add one or two fashion pieces to your summer wardrobe, such as this Gingham Flute Sleeve Top, €13 which will be light and easy to wear with white jeans or black crepe joggers
I always like to have at least one top that I save for slightly dressier occasions, the sort of top that you can wear to brunch or for a BBQ or pizza with friends. In the past, I’ve found & Other Stories to be a great place to source these. One of my wardrobe favourites was bought here last year and if scalp psoriasis is not an issue for you, I can recommend this for being light and airy, easy to wear, gentle on skin and a great colour to pair with white. Currently on sale at just €38, the Relaxed Blouse in blue.
If however, scalp psoriasis is a problem, this 100% cotton Trumpet Sleeve Top €59, is available in a more forgiving pale blue and would be a smart option to wear with jeans or joggers.
For an even dressier look, this Silk Blouse, €89 is a very pretty top that would certainly inject some style into any outfit.
Since embracing the comfort of a trainer last summer, it has been hard to force my feet into anything else, but apart from my well documented love of a peep toe boot, I am also a fan of the wedged espadrille. (The extra height offered by a wedge is not to be sniffed at as far as I’m concerned) For me the key thing to look out for is a shoe that offers a covered heel. I don’t think I’m alone when I say that when I had psoriasis on my feet, my heels were the worse affected, so it’s good to be able to keep that area covered if you are feeling self conscious about how your feet look. This pair from Dune are currently half price in the sale at just €50 and the tie ribbons will provide extra coverage if you want to cover your ankles as well. Very pretty!
Kloss Crochet Lace Up Espadrille Wedge Sandal

The final two ingredients to surviving the summer when you have psoriasis are sunscreen and moisturiser. Having managed to burn myself in my own back garden a number of years ago, I am now extremely careful as I don’t want a repeat of the massive psoriasis flare-up that the sunburn caused. As good as it is to get sunshine on your skin, it is simply foolish to do so without first applying an SPF. Take it from one who learned the hard way!

If I’m honest, in the past I had no loyalty to any particular moisturiser, but if you’ve been following the blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m now almost evangelical about the new itch-relieving moisturiser, Suu Balm which is available in most Irish pharmacies nationwide, as well as on Amazon. I cannot stress enough just how effective this is, and although my skin may now be clear, it does not mean I’m immune to the odd bit of heat rash, a nettle sting (that’ll teach me and my notions of gardening) or insect bite. Truly this should be part of every household’s first-aid arsenal and doesn’t it make a nice change to buy something for your skin that can be of benefit to the whole family? In fact, Suu Balm are so confident of their claims, you can click on this link to request your free sample before purchasing. Try it!

I hope I’ve given you some ideas for dressing around your psoriasis this summer. I’ve no doubt it will be a subject that I will return to again, but in the meantime, do try to enjoy the sunshine. You’ll miss it when it’s gone!



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