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Inspired by the glorious weather that we’ve had over the past few days, my thoughts turned to summer and the annual struggle to find footwear that will work for those of us who wish to conceal our psoriasis. That holy grail of sandal that won’t cause us to get too hot, yet are still sufficiently concealing so that we aren’t embarrassed by our flaky feet. Old habits clearly die hard for me, as despite the joys of clear skin (this is my cue to stress the importance of regular dermatology appointments to learn about all the new treatments now available!) I still find myself pulled towards sandals that don’t reveal too much. You can imagine my joy therefore when a recent jaunt to the outlets at Kildare Village resulted in this purchase from Clarks.
The Teen, my sister and a handful of friends have all told me that they hate them! Obviously I have decreed that their opinion is irrelevant, as I really love them and cannot wait to start wearing them … once the essential pedicure has taken place, that is! In fact, I love them so much that I decided to take a look online and see what is currently available that might work for those who want to find the perfect psoriasis-friendly sandal (now there’s an oxymoron!). As much as I adore a peep toe boot during the warmer months, even I have to accept that there are some days (how I wish I could say weeks!) where a boot is simply too warm to wear. Tan is the ideal colour as it goes with everything from denim and white to navy and khaki. So what did my online hunt turn up? Let’s have a look …

The Asos Timing Heeled Sandal, €50.67, is probably the closest in style to mine. I love these; good coverage and a little bit of interest with the tie at the heel.
The Wrap Sandals from Next, €44, would be good with a cropped trouser as the ties would act as a coverage for any psoriasis on the ankles. Obviously this would only work on smaller plaques – if the skin is too inflamed, the ankle straps may irritate.
The Suede Wedge Heel from Marks & Spencer, £45, is a classic colour and shape that offers excellent coverage as well as ventilation!
As the mule seems to be the footwear trend of the season, I’ve also included this Ilaria Tan Peep Toe Mule from Dune, €120, which has both good coverage and a very manageable heel height.
Also from Dune the Head Over Heels Jinxx Perforated Peep Toe sandal, €80, which is a good alternative to an evening sandal and ideal for summer barbecues or al fresco evening events.
The Clarks Corsio Dallas, £55, is their strappy tan sandal for this season and a great run-around option for hot summer days.
Finally, sneaking in a little leopard print to liven things up! The Brown Leopard Print Pony Hair sandals from River Island are a great way to add a wow factor to jeans and a tee.
Of course now that I’ve mentioned the word sandals, we will undoubtedly have torrential rain and hurricanes for the rest of the week. Sod’s Law people, Sod’s Law!

I hope you are all enjoying the Easter holidays … I see from my Instagram feed that lots of you are busy entertaining your offspring at the zoo, library, funfair, cinema etc. As the mother of a teen, I am past all that, so in honour of my Easter holiday experience, I will be back later this week, discussing the joys of a good night’s sleep … and maybe even a lie-in! Smug? Moi?! Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.


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