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With the glorious weather we’ve been having recently, it seemed apt and right to start thinking about summer holidays! Note how I am staunchly ignoring weather warnings of dropping temperatures and rain for the weekend. I am also slightly alarmed by how quickly this year is flying by and the fact that within a few weeks, the Teen will begin her three-month summer break from school – a fact that never fails to horrify and fascinate my British friends in equal measure!
Last year I was an utter disgrace to my Girl Guide learnings and was a true example of what happens when you fail to prepare! I headed to Majorca the day after the Ireland Psoriasis Shout Out and wearily fired a few things into a bag before heading to the airport. Upon opening said bag later that night in the balmy heat of the island, I discovered that for my week long holiday, I had packed four (FOUR!) clutch bags … three pairs of skinny jeans (JEANS!) … and not a single pair of flip flops or vest top to be found. Idiot! So this year, let us all learn from my mistake and make a list of what we will need.
Before we begin, let me make a few things clear. All the usual rules for covering up no longer apply once you hit those foreign, sun soaked shores. For most of us, sunshine is a great healer of psoriasis, so don’t hide away, but rather allow your skin benefit from those healing rays. Let me assure you, that after many years of holidaying with psoriasis (makes it sound like a fun travelling companion – all the eye rolls!) I have realised the following … NOBODY IS LOOKING AT YOU! People around the pool or on the beach are far too busy worrying about their own bodies and trying to keep their jiggly bits in check to be bothered looking at you! This is a FACT! So go forth to that sun lounger, head held high, and remember, you’ll probably never see these people again. Clearing your skin is way more important than any mean-spirited thoughts they might be having!
One last thing … don’t forget your sunscreen. Do not make the big mistake of thinking that because the sun is good for your skin, you can skip the SPF. This is quite simply wrong! If you allow yourself to get burnt (which let’s face it, will happen if you don’t apply an SPF) then there is a high probability that you will spark a huge psoriasis flare up, which is not what you want on holidays.
OK! Ready? Let’s get started. Whilst it’s one thing to bare all in a bikini or swimsuit on a sun lounger, it takes a lot of courage to remain scantily clad whilst going to the beach bar for lunch or a drink. For such occasions, I would recommend a long kaftan, which will keep you cool, will offer some coverage and are often good to wear if you feel you need a break from the sun. This Geo Print Maxi Kaftan, €40, from Next is the perfect example.
Another option is this Black Jumpsuit, €35, also from Next, which could also double up as a great evening outfit if paired with gold gladiators or chunky wedges and some bling. It’s always good to have multi-functioning clothes, especially if you enjoy the challenge of doing a summer holiday with carry-on luggage only. (Ryanair, I’m looking at you!)
A hat is always a good idea, not just for the beach, but also if sight-seeing is on the agenda. This Floppy Hat, €26, from Oasis, will add a soupçon of glamour to any outfit!
Linen trousers are a summer staple, but no shuddering at the back! I’m not talking about those ubiquitous white styles favoured by ladies of a certain vintage. Good heavens, no! I am looking at styles like this Linen Jogger, €29.99 from H&M, which are available in a range of colours and will look just as good with a tee and denim jacket as with a fitted blazer and vest top.

However, there are always pieces that will never see the light of day once you land home again, and so these are the bits that you don’t really want to spend too much money on. By this I mean pieces like the Evelyn Paisley Angel Sleeve Maxi Dress, €22, from Boohoo, which will keep you stylish, covered and cool on those summer evenings without breaking the bank.

This year the kimono is on all the rails and is an interesting alternative to a jacket or blazer. It’s a very easy way to cover up your skin whether during the day, or in the evening, and it certainly won’t take up too much room in your case.
Philomena Patchwork Paisley Maxi Tassled Kimono, €19

Finally, don’t forget your mosquito spray and this year I’m going to recommend a new addition to your toiletry bag, in the form of the Suu Balm moisturiser. This is not just a regular moisturiser as it offers almost immediate itch relief, and I can confirm that it does just that! Interestingly, it’s not just useful for psoriasis sufferers. In the past few weeks, I have given it one friend who has mild eczema, and another who suddenly developed a heat rash (oh yes my friends, the sun has truly been shining in Dublin for these past few days) and both were immediately converted to its effectiveness. This is a cream that I honestly think should have a place in everyone’s bathroom cabinet. But you don’t have to take my word for it! Click on this link and request your free sample. Please note that Suu Balm doesn’t contain an SPF and so should not be used in lieu of sunscreen.

I can’t go without a reminder that the Psoriasis Shout Out is returning to Dublin for one day only next week. Join us on Saturday May 20th in the Dundrum Town Centre (ground floor outside the House of Fraser) where you can have the opportunity to chat to dermatologists and patients about concerns you may have about your psoriasis. This is a chance to receive free medical advice for your skin, so please do avail of the opportunity. We’d love to meet you. As an extra incentive (as if our stress balls & lip balms weren’t enough!), Suu Balm samples will also be available from Boots in the Dundrum Town Centre on that day, between 11am and 3pm. Even more reason to head to Dublin 14 next week!



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