Q&A with Naturopath Doctor John Coleman 08/23 by Parkinsons Recovery

This program is an interview with naturopath doctor John Coleman from Australia who, to my knowledge, is one of the first persons to successfully reverse his own Parkinson’s symptoms. 

John offers his answers to the following eight questions which were previously submitted by members of my listening audience.  

  1. My wife has been anemic just after experiencing Parkinson’s symptoms. Her iron levels are too low. What steps should she take to remedy this situation?
  2. Can I give my mother B12 vitamins for her condition?
  3. How does one deal with orthostatic hypotension (or low blood pressure)?
  4. I have tried many therapies over the past five years but the Parkinson’s symptoms continue to progress. Treatments included two stem cell treatments and other treatments out of the country. There was an initial improvement over the initial 6 months, but these benefits faded away.  What supplements have you found that help the most?
  5. Have you seen a connection for many people of Lipitor (a statin drug developed to reduce levels of the “bad” cholesterol) with Parkinson’s symptoms?
  6. How can I get the best movement possible with the least amount of medications?
  7. What will carbidopa help and what will it not help?
  8. What was most helpful to you in your own recovery process?

John is author of Stop Parkin’ and Start Livin’

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