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Psoriasis: Removing the anger

Anger. Yes it deserves it’s own sentence as it is a word commonly associated with Psoriasis. Anger at the time it can take to get the right treatment, anger at others because you’re tired and stressed from a lack of sleep, anger because of a flare up, anger at yourself for letting it get to you. Then getting angry at others because they ask questions you are tired of answering.  Be honest with yourself,  do you know about every illness without having to ask questions? There are many reasons people get angry with psoriasis, I know as I was one of those people. Did you notice I said “was”? 

Okay this may surprise a lot of people who know me, they have seen over the years how much I hated having this condition, how much it got to me, made me shout, scream and lock myself away. How much I felt the world was against me. No more, Psoriasis, no more.

I am not sure how it clicked in my head, it only happened recently, that I realised that most of the distress I get from Psoriasis is because I was angry. The usual questions of why me? Why can’t it be cured? Why is treatment such a hit and miss affair?

Whilst having a cup of coffee, sat in my garden on a warm sunny day I looked around at what I had. Bob the cat was rolling around in the grass, the garden was blooming, my herbs were growing well as were my tomatoes and strawberries. You could say I had a little thyme to reflect. I looked at the house we have lived in for two years now and thought, I have this. I have so many things I love, a beautiful wife, Bob the cat, a house full of character and a kitchen made for cooking and entertaining (should probably do a bit more of that).


All of this has been achieved whilst having psoriasis. So why should I be angry with it? It hasn’t stopped me getting what I want. Okay it may have made me miss a few parties and shut me away a few times but that was just part of the journey. Part of coming to terms with the fact I have this now and there is little I can do about it. Okay I can take meds, look after my skin and diet. I can’t create  cure though and no amount of nagging the scientists and experts out there from me is going to suddenly produce one.

Psoriasis is with me for the long haul. It has decided to be with me so I take solace in the fact I must be such an amazing and charismatic person that it wants to be with me so much. Acceptance is the one thing I said I would never do and I know a few people who will read this with a smile now and a “I told you so”.

So my advice to anyone still struggling is stop being angry. Accept that Psoriasis has chosen you because you are amazing, it just cannot bare to be without you. Treat yourself well, look after your skin and, most importantly, live your life and make the most of every day.

To finish, as he’s been mentioned, here’s a little pic of Bob the Cat, especially as today happens to be International Cat Day.




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