Psoriasis Club Compared to Other Forums

I’ve spent several hours this week visiting other support forums, mainly for Crohn’s, searching for others with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Psoriasis.  With each and every forum, I found two common things unseen here at Psoriasis Club.

Thing One:  Quack promotions of fad devices, fad gimicks, outrageously unsubstantiated claims.

Thing Two:  Intrusive advertising that interrupts the flow of the topic thread.

Thank you, Fred, for your integrity, maintaining the values of this club, and keeping it an informative place free of advertising, snake oil salesfolks, and bullies.  PsoriasisClub is a rare gem.

Well written Forest, I agree Fred has created a great forum here for all genuine sufferers, and he’s fought hard to keep it active and friendly and free from spam
I’m glad you have looked around and found the same as most of us here  Thumb , that psoriasis club is a gem that reaches the parts other forums can’t reach

You are welcome FW and thank you for the kind words. The things you describe are exactly what I wanted from it, and like Jim said it’s sometimes a fight (especially when I first started) but when I see people like yourself being able to join and settle in it gives me a buzz.

It’s not easy joining a forum as a newbie but our members try to make it as welcoming and friendly as possible. Do to the nature of the forum a lot of people join just to get answers to questions, there is nothing wrong with that and we like to help but it’s nice when people stay as they will too go on to help and welcome others.

I agree “it is a rare gem” (we are the only totally independent psoriasis website) but I couldn’t and wouldn’t do it alone, it needs our members to help keep it what it is. So thank you to you too.


*I will move this thread to Feedback as it’s better suited there.


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