PD first took my sense of smell, and now my “magic” touch


By Sheryl Jedlinski

I left my hubby, Tony, asleep in our bed, imagining how surprised he would be to awaken to the smell and taste of our family’s favorite freshly baked chocolate mint brownies. Many Christmases have come and gone since I last attempted to make this three-stage dessert, and I remembered why as soon as I started gathering the necessary ingredients and supplies.

I was in trouble from the get-go as I couldn’t find the beaters to get my project underway. They apparently found a new home when we recently reorganized some kitchen “junk”drawers (as part of our ongoing COVID-19 home improvement plan) and left no forwarding address. In the interest of expediency, I woke Tony to lead the treasure hunt. Then, with beaters in hand, I sent him back to bed while I set about baking.

“There isn’t much that could go wrong,” I told him. “I’ve made this recipe countless times before.” Never say never.

I knew something was amiss when I looked at the ready to frost brownies and noticed they had shrunken significantly while cooling in the refrigerator. Tony and I pondered how this could possibly be until I realized I had forgotten to add flour.

Not one to give up easily, Tony suggested we taste the brownies and see if they might be salvageable. At this point we had only invested in the the brownie foundation.

“Perhaps we could market them as gluten free flourless brownies,” I suggested, with a bit sarcasm. “Or, we could just have ice cream.

After determining that we had enough ingredients on hand to make another batch, Tony was ready for brownies redux and convinced me to join in. What started out to be a stocking stuffer for him, turned out to be a gift for both of us – a reminder of how much stronger and better we are as a team than as two individuals.

The proof is in the “pudding…” The finished brownies in  batch two tasted as good as we all remembered.


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