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Fine Art Photographer Alan Babbitt was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2003 with a nasty hand tremor – just what a STILL photographer needs! After struggling to compensate for the shakiness, he had an epiphany. He realized he could use the tremor (and other movements) as an art technique – leading to a large body of work he calls “Un-Still Photography: The Art of Motion Within a Still.”

 “But what really got shook up was me,” Babbitt continues. “Turning my tremor into something useful was an incredibly empowering game changer – boosting my confidence, mood and energy. It freed me up and allowed me to reach new levels of creative expression. But best of all, the fun and joy of photography came back. All thanks to that pesky Parkinson’s tremor! Is that weird or what? The damn disease has given me a terrific gift!”

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