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Again, no obvious “stroke” symptoms; no slurred speech or paralysis, etc.  … (at least nothing i remember).


Complications are that i have been in rather a lot of stress due to sciatica pain, then i noticed the extreme fatigue that often follows what i personally call “an event”. 
Husband says i was “woozie” the night before, but i have no memory of that evening.  As usual after an “event”, i slept about 8 hours during the next day, and about 4 hours during the following day, with the daytime fatigue less and less in the next days, returning to my personal “normal” within about a week.  Will work on this article in short installments over the next four days, then publish.


i have cerebroVascular disease. 
Had six “events” during 2016 (three of them within 6 weeks), and another string of events in 2019, so these symptoms are not a new experience.
Unfortunately, the few times i have shown muscle weakness or speech difficulty with an “event”, i was not able to get to the hospital while these symptoms were still showing.
So the three times i have gone to hospital for this, they have been unable to tell me if it was stroke or really any productive information — only “yes it MAY have been slight stroke, but we can only tell you that you have no “brain bleed.”  ugggh !!!

Now, unless i show obvious continuing stroke symptoms, i PERSONALLY do not bother with a trip to hospital (which deprives my brain of renewing sleep).  Instead i chew an extra baby aspirin and go to bed.  For a week or so I keep my walker extra-handy, and husband does all the walking around outside caring for chickens (where there are frequent fall risks and need to be carrying buckets with food and water).

If i go to the hospital then i sacrifice first day of sleep to renew my brain cells, because hospital waiting area has no area to lay down,
… so i cannot stay awake, but neither can i really sleep scrunched down in the chair with my neck flopped over, with all the sounds that go with hospital waiting area. 


i am sure that IF i was showing obvious stroke symptoms when i was seen at hospital, then i would have been quickly examined and given a bed, but so far that has not happened for me.


Nice easy listing for Heart Attack and Stroke Symptoms at ;

Stroke symptoms are  B.E.  F.A.S.T.
Balance ? 
Eyes ?
Face Drooping ? 
Arm Weakness ? 
Speech Difficulty ?
Time to call 9.1.1.


B.E.  F.A.S.T !!!


2019 string >> ; 

2016 string of “events” >> ; 

Mayo Clinic info on Vascular Dementia is at >> ; 


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