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Hello again! We have not been writing a lot lately…but we have been working a lot!

Our PhD students presented their work in several places. Lilibeth Arias, Paula Cardona and Marte Dragset went to the MycoZar meeting in Zaragoza, hosted by the Zaragoza University. Lili presented her work on the TBVAC2020 project (funded by the EC), and our collaborative work with Dr. Iñaki Comas research group (CSIC,Valencia). She went to Dr. Comas lab thanks to a CIBERES grant, and she performed there the microbiota analysis on the samples obtained in the murine obesity-TB comorbidity model (developed within the H2020 EU-funded project). Paula presented her work on the nutraceutical NR®, which was designed by our group and is developed by the IGTP –CIBER spin-off Manremyc.

Paula has an iPFIS grant from the ISCIII to do her PhD and is now doing her internship at Manremyc. Marte, our post-doc from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, co-funded by Marie Curie Actions and Norwegian Research Council, explained the project she has come to perform in our group. Albert Despuig and Marta Arch went to the Jornadas de Formación (Training workshop) of the CIBERES in Madrid, where Pr. Cardona also gave a talk on innovation. Albert talked about his PhD project on host-responses of TB patients undergoing surgery in Tbilisi within the SH-TBL study, conducted in collaboration with the NCTLD of Georgia. Albert had a CIBERES grant and now has a FI-DGR grant. Marta Arch presented a poster on her work developing a TB experimental model in Drosophila melanogaster, which we expect to be used to evaluate new prophylactic and therapeutic strategies against TB. Marta also holds a grant from the CIBERES.


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Vera Marie Kroesen, from the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, went to the ERS meeting in Milan to present some results from our study on host-directed therapies, in which she participated during her internship with us (she came  to do her Master Thesis). She has spent the last month with us again, this time to do her ambulante Hospitation (HSV) at Serveis Clínics.Our institute has a collaboration agreement with this clinic to conduct research and training activities. Dr. Vilaplana went to Rome to give a lecture on the TB lessons learnt from notable writers, and Pr. Cardona got an award from the XX Congrés de Metges i Biòlegs de Llengua Catalana.

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The 2017 Marató will be devoted to Infectious Diseases and was presented this month, and a video featuring Dr. Vilaplana to promote research in this field was launched. You can access the

video here.



Moreover, within our recently created research line to study Health Quality ofLife of TB patients, we hired an anthropologist to conduct a study to qualitatively evaluate the impact of disease on TB patients in our setting. Adrià Pujol Cruells has wide experience on vulnerable populations and will be working with us several months, mainly  at Serveis Clínics.

And I guess that’s it! Do not forget to register to come at the International Workshop on TB 2017 organized by the FUITB, and to draw or paint a master piece for the Illustration Competition to raise funds. It’s all about TB! And stay tuned for any more news!




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