Alejandro Finisterre
Publisher and inventor of table football, he was exiled by Franco

Michael Eaude
Saturday 24 February 2007 

Exile from Franco’s Spain made the life of Alejandro Finisterre, who has died at the age of 87 (died in 2007), one of constant movement and creativity. Though Alejandro most valued his fight to conserve the legacy of the poet León Felipe (1884-1968), whose literary executor he was, he was famous for inventing table football.

Which also means I’ve finally found a sport that is ideally suited to Parkinson’s disease sufferers: table football or foosboll. The table game allows the shakiest of PD people to play at a high level. I know this because I just defeated my wife’s sister in law (with no spinning). She was in fact useless.

Perhaps there is something in clenching fists round wooden handles soaked in sweat that suits PD?

By the way, a whole host of people claim to have invented TF, though I quite like the claims for Alejandro Finisterre, not least because he changed his name to that of the local lighthouse. He seems to have been more interested in poetry than football too.

Meanwhile I have been searching for other exercises for us PD patients and seem to have found the magic key in the form of a new electric bike (cycling having got too difficult for me). My wife bought it as a surprise on my 70th birthday. The bike assists you when you want it to, responds to the rider pedalling it and has a real swooping feel when you ask for help from the battery system. The bike is an Impulse 2.0 pedelec/ BeatBike. And it is my new best friend.

It is also the dog’s new best friend as she now gets a 5 k run on a regular basis.


At the pub we spoke of Brexit, Trump, Mrs May’s trouser suit (just wrong!), Lincoln City, and other issues of importance.

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