Neurofeedback as an Option for Parkinsons 07/18 by Parkinsons Recovery

Jaclyn Gisburne, Ph.D. sees Parkinsons to be a condition of extreme overwhelm of the central nervous system caused by traumatic events and wrong belief systems. She and her
colleagues have identified specific traumas that occur prior to the onset of symptoms of Parkinson’s. The final trauma comes with the news of the diagnosis. These traumatic
events result in brain wave distortions that ensure the survival of the person until resolution can be achieved. If resolution does not occur, distortions continue to run
denying access to dopamine reserves. The body becomes exhausted by the stress and continues to decline unless resolution is found.

Dr. Gisburne Ph.D. discuss her perspective on Parkinsons on the show today and explains the neurofeedback process she uses to address trauma. She will also present an exciting workshop on neurofeedback at the 2013 Parkinsons Recovery Summit in Santa Fe, New Mexico in February.

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