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Balance issues and falls are not solely a question of muscular strength and coordination. Fall prevention depends on the functional integration of sight, sound and posture. Balance difficulties are often due in part to impaired eyesight.   

What can be done to correct issues with poor eyesight? Research reveals that the underlying reason for vision difficulties is inflammation. It follows that getting inflammation under control is the key to achieving an improvement eyesight, which in turn improves balance and reduces the risk of falls. 

This program offers a general overview of the the cause of impaired eyesight and previews research by Dr. Mark Babizhayev PhD which resulted in the development of the groundbreaking product called Can-C formulated by Dr. Babizhayev and his colleagues.  An overview and background of his ground breaking research is discussed, followed by a detailed explanation of the use, application and research that supports the application of Can-C eye drops to reduce inflammation in the eyes. 

For more information about the Can-C eye drops  therapy for eye conditions and particularly cataracts, visit


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