My politically incorrect thoughts on Covid-19

There is so much written COVID I haven’t touched on it much. It’s a virus. As all viruses do, they run their course. There is little that can be done to stop it. Sure, we can slow the spread by wearing masks and social distancing. We can prevent the spread by doing a permanent lockdown as some have suggested. But, lacking a vaccine, we can’t stop it from running its course (and there is no guarantee we will ever get a vaccine).

Speaking of lockdown, it was a good idea at first. My governor of Whitmer here in Michigan. I supported her when she first locked our state down. The goal of the lockdown was to keep the blue curve (shown in picture) below the line of healthcare capacity. This was to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed.

Allow me to digress once again. Speaking of hospitals being overwhelmed, the fact we had to talk about this is a testament to how unprepared we were. There is no telling what diseases are out there. There are many diseases we don’t know about. And anyone of them could spread at any given time. And yet, despite this truth, our entire healthcare system was unprepared. They didn’t have enough personal protective equipment (PPE), such as masks, gowns, etc. They didn’t have enough ventilators. So, I know many people like to blame the government for not being prepared.

And trust me it wasn’t. But, the truth to the matter is the government stockpile is only a backup. It should only be used in the case of an emergency. As it was in due time, as many ventilators were sent to where they were needed. Still, it was the hospital system that was unprepared. They are at fault for not being prepared. And we can’t point fingers at any one hospital either, as it appears all (or almost all) were equally unprepared.

Still, our governor here in Michigan went a little overboard. I have friends who say she did this for political purposes as she wants to be Biden’s vice-presidential candidate. However, when my friends bring this up I say things like, “You cannot prove intent. A person’s intent is not even permissible in court unless there is ample evidence. For instance, for a person convicted of murder to be charged with first-degree murder, the intent has to be proved. You have to prove someone intentionally killed someone. And that is difficult to do, and why so few people are convicted of first-degree murder. So, it’s not possible to prove our governor’s intent for having the strictest lockdown in the country. So let’s not go there.

The fact is she did keep the lockdown in order way longer than it was necessary. Why? Only she knows. She was asked by the republican congress in Michigan to show her science why she prolonged the executive orders longer than our Congress approved it for. And, by the way, the lockdown was approved by our Congress until about May 1st. They did not approve of it after that. Meaning it her extended lockdown was illegal. And this is still in the courts for some reason. The fact this was not rushed through the courts has me thinking they are equally as liberal as our governor.

And politics doesn’t matter to me. We supported Whitmore regardless of her politics at first. But the fact she held the state in lockdown after May 1st is something we ought to question. Why? Because as of May 1st hospitals were prepared. By this time we had plenty of PPE. By this time we had plenty of beds and ventilators. We had all we needed to handle any surge that might happen.

Speaking of the surge, allow me to digress again. Those models that predicted a surge were not scientific models. It was not science. Science either is or is not. Those models are used to help our government, to help researchers, etc., make decisions. They are computer modulated data. This means they are only as useful as the information entered into them. If the data put into them is flawed, so too is the data going out. The initial data showed that way more people would be inflicted, and way more would be dead than actually occurred. And every model after that was wrong too.

The same types of models are used to prove global warming. And that is usually my argument against any “proof” that global warming exists: “The only evidence they have is computer modulated date. It predicts and is rarely accurate. It’s not science. Although, global warming advocates say it’s science. Now, I’m not advocating for or against global warming, I’m just saying.

So, back to the death rate due to COVID. Initially, we thought the death rate was 5%. If it was that high, it was worth shutting the country down. But, the truth to the matter is the death rate is between 0.3 and 0.5%. So, was that worth shutting the economy down? Was that worth destroying the best economy we ever had? I’m not sure it was. I think history will look back on determined if this was actually needed. Was our response overdone? You decide. And these are my unabridged thoughts on COVID. More to come in the coming days.


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