My Politically Incorrect COVID Answers

The yellow mask offers scanty protection.
The orange mask offers some protection.
The other mask offers protection if you have a trach. 

We receive lots of questions about COVID. So, here’s a list of these questions followed by my humble answers.

1. Does wearing a mask mean I’m rebreathing my carbon dioxide?  No. Carbon dioxide is small enough to fit through the mask with no problem. It filters viruses and particles, not carbon dioxide.

2.  Can a mask cause my oxygen level to drop? No. Same reason as above. Oxygen has no problem getting through any mask.

3.  Do surgical masks protect me from getting COVID? Studies show that they do reduce your risk. They may reduce your risk from 10-15%. Some studies show the provide a little more and some a little less. The more secure and tightly fitting the mask is to your face the more protection it offers.

4.  Do surgical masks protect me from spreading the virus? Yes. They can help reduce the amount of virus aersolized into the air when you cough, sneeze, talk, or laugh. Some particles may still be admitted into the atmosphere, but still it reduces the amount of aerosolized COVID or other respiratory pathogens. Note, it does not prevent, hence the reason for social distancing.

5.  Do homemade masks offer any protection against COVID? At the present time there are no studies no homemade masks. I think the general consensus at this time (remember, a consensus is not science) is that homemade masks act as a shield and they may provide more protection than not wearing them. We’ll have to see what future studies have to say on this subject.


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