Looking Down the Barrel 12/22 by Parkinsons Recovery

Richard (Rick) Secklin is the author of Parkinson’s disease – Looking down the Barrel, and an inspirational speaker. He was once the national gold’s classic bodybuilding champion, a health club owner and a career Texas law enforcement officer. At 50 years of age, he was completing his lifetime goal successfully graduating Cum Laude from Lubbock Christian University. That same year 2003, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. In his battle of combating the disease, Rick, as a Texas Deputy, made a tough decision in his life to use marijuana for his relief of Parkinson’s symptoms. Four years into his battle; Rick’s eighteen year marriage was dissolved and his son moved away. Ridden with guilt, confusion, and hate for God, he quit his career as a once community awarded law enforcement officer and he found himself looking down the barrel of a gun contemplating suicide. Rick is a survivor living with Parkinson’s and will join us to share his story.

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