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Has this been the quickest year in the history of time, or am I just getting old? Don’t answer that! This week, my in-box is starting to get clogged with details of Black Friday deals but to be honest, I’m not feeling the sequin or sparkle just yet. Right now I’m all about the appeal of a pair of jeans and a ‘nice top’. But … but … but! Shock and horror, I think I may be moving on (finally!) from my skinnies. I was out last weekend (a rather lovely afternoon tea in a rather lovely five-star establishment, which then obviously progressed to an even lovelier evening with wine!) and when I caught sight of myself in the mirror, I decided my coated skinnies were just a little too ‘last season’ for my liking. Cue an immediate desire for cropped wide trousers, but more on that search another day.
What I did like however, when I looked in the mirror, was my top. This was one that I purchased last year in Topshop but for some reason only wore once. Please excuse the utterly rubbish picture taken in the toilets (all the class around here!) but I completely forgot to take any more.

What has struck me recently is that there seems to be a move towards a demure and more ‘covered-up’ look in the fashion world, which is obviously really good news for those of us with psoriasis. I decided to test my theory by doing a quick search online and ta dah! I came up trumps! High necked blouses to suit every complexion and pocket! These are just the easiest thing in the world to wear. There is minimal requirement for accessories – just pair with jeans or wide trousers, some fabulous heels, a dressy clutch bag and you’re good to go. Minimum effort with maximum impact!
Starting with Topshop as this was where I was successful last year. I know that this colour won’t suit everyone but wow! Isn’t it stunning? I had to include it as I think it’s such a gorgeous shade that would really stand out in a crowd.
High Neck Blouse by Glamorous, €44

Continuing the wow factor with this Drape Neck Twisted Blouse, €52, also from Topshop.
A more muted offering from Next with this Flute Sleeve High Neck Top in ecru, €30, and of course this would be the ideal colour combination if scalp flaking is a worry.

The Printed Turtle Neck Long Sleeve Blouse from M&S Collection, €47.50, is really beautiful. Such delicate colours, this is one that also would work right into the spring.
A slight variation from Zara, this Blouse with Bow and Full Bodied Sleeve, €39.95 is a great shade that would look fab paired with burgundy trousers.
At the somewhat higher end of the budget, is the Whistles Wrem Print High Neck Blouse from Asos, €160.80. Really gorgeous, although I think I might prefer the M&S one.
As the Christmas shopping frenzy starts and we go in search of the perfect gifts (whether for us or for others!) it would be remiss of me not to mention Suu Balm again. Regular followers of my blog will know that I have collaborated quite a bit with them this year, as I genuinely believe that it does exactly what it promises to do i.e., it moisturises the skin, but more importantly for us, it gets rid of itch within minutes. What’s makes this particularly impressive is that it is steroid free. However, that’s not why I’m mentioning it today … the reason that I’m bringing it to your attention is that it is the most wonderful cream to apply to tired and aching feet. Not having a medical background, I can only assume that this is due to the menthol it contains, but trust me! This is superb for cooling and soothing your feet after a long day of trawling the shops. Try it! You can find Irish stockists by clicking here, or UK stockists by clicking here.
If you don’t already, why not follow my page on Facebook (click here) where this week I plan to post and update any Black Friday deals that I feel would be useful or relevant. Happy shopping everyone!



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