Is Parkinson’s Disease Degenerative? 01/24 by Parkinsons Recovery

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Many people hold the belief near and dear to their heart that Parkinson’s disease is “degenerative.” Is this really true? Has anyone out there actually reversed their symptoms and if they have, how did they do it?

The radio show today answers these questions. First, I report results of a holiday survey which asks persons diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease whether they were better, the same or worse now when compared to the holiday season a year ago.As you will discover by listening to a detailed discussed of the results, a vast majority of respondents reported they were better or the same relative to one year ago. In other words, the first answer to the question is no. Parkinson’s is not “degenerative” for many people.

OK. What did people do to get better? I report and  discuss each answer to the second question in the survey: What therapies were helping? You will be excited to learn that there are dozens of therapies that are making a big difference for people currently experiencing the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. 

Robert Rodgers PhD
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