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⭐ Have you been keeping up on the controversy about the FDA granting authorization to Biogen for their Alzheimer’s drug Aducamunab? Here are two very interesting reads from Science of Parkinson’s and Tomorrow Edition.

⭐ Easy meals are perfect during the summer and this Salmon Salad from Dinner-A Love Story has been a favorite this year.

⭐ During the pandemic, like everyone else, I exercised mostly at home. I tried different online classes including kickboxing, Zumba, HIIT, and yoga. My usual schedule was pretty typical working out pretty hard several days a week and have days off in between so that your body has time to recover. That was fine during my life pre-PD, but in the last few years that wasn’t working so well for me. I noticed that I’d work out hard and for the next couple of days I was overly tired and it just didn’t feel good. Which lead me to start re thinking why and how I should exercise, and to find a way that it would be enjoyable and rejuvenating, not energy zapping. My goal for exercising is to keep my body healthy, keep up my strength, endurance, and flexibility, to help me live a long and high quality life with PD. It’s also to help reduce stress and improve sleep and something I want to do with consistency and look forward to.

So I started changing my routine to a more moderate pace and time frame and increased the number of days to six days a week. Monday through Friday I do about 30 minutes of moderate exercise, on Saturday I may do the same or something that’s longer or more intense, and then rest on Sunday. After doing this now for about six months, I am so happy with this regime. I look forward to exercising every day because I know it’s not going to overtax me and instead it actually makes me feel good afterwards instead of tired. I also don’t have to think is it an exercise day or not, so the consistency keeps building on itself. We are all PD snowflakes so this is just what works for me. But if you are struggling with your exercise schedule or having a difficult time starting, I encourage you to try different things until you find the right one for you.

⭐ PD Symptom of the Week – This month’s favorite (not) symptom is I have weakness in my right arm and leg. My symptoms like many people are more pronounced on one side of my body, and it’s a chicken and egg scenario that I don’t which is causing which. I have problems with my right knee, shoulder, and gait. So of course I favor my left arm since it’s stronger, which makes my right arm weaker and round and round we go. I’ve been consciously trying to force myself to use my right arm more on everyday tasks like yesterday when I was vacuuming. The fun never stops.

⭐ Lastly, my sister gave me some nail polish strips. If you have a hard time painting your nails because of your tremor, these might help. Their pretty simple to put on, there is no drying time, and they last a long time. I find that the light colors are more forgiving and don’t have to cut perfectly.

If you’re in the US, Happy 4th of July weekend! ❤️

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