In-Depth Editorial Review of the Belluscura X-PLOR Portable Concentrator

If you have COPD or another lung disease, the use of supplemental oxygen doesn’t need to hold you back from living an active life. New products are emerging to make your life easier, allowing you to exercise, socialize, and travel as you wish. And a new product from Belluscura stands out from its competitors.

Belluscura is a medical device company founded in the U.K., with its headquarters in the United States. In March of 2021, Belluscura received FDA clearance for its X-PLOR, a lightweight, portable oxygen concentrator. This device stands out from the others for its ability to deliver more oxygen at a lighter weight than other competitors on the market.

Overview of the Belluscura X-PLOR

  • Pulse Dose
  • 3.25 Pounds with 4 Cell battery
  • Up to 2 Hours of Power with Rechargeable Battery
  • FAA Approved for In-Flight usage
  • Package includes X-PLOR unit, 4 cell battery, user-replaceable cartridge, AC power adaptor, DC power adaptor, carry bag, cannula and manual.

Let’s take a look at the features of the X-PLOR, how it differs from other portable oxygen concentrators, and whether or not purchasing this device is the best decision for you.

Features of the X-PLOR

Lightweight and Portable

The Belluscura X-PLOR weighs just over three pounds, which is lighter than most portable oxygen concentrators. This device can be worn with the included carry bag and shoulder strap or a backpack (not included with purchase) and was designed to replace heavier oxygen concentrators and large oxygen tanks.

It is lighter than most portable devices and also smaller in size, at just over seven inches long, under three inches wide, and 6.5 inches tall with a 4-cell battery. Even though it weighs slightly more than its Inogen One G4 competitor, its size remains smaller, making the it ideal for those looking for a lightweight, portable device.

Dog Walking With the Belluscura X-PLOR Portable Concentrator

Oxygen Delivery

The unit offers flow settings of 1-4, which seems average compared to competitors, but offers a higher oxygen output per pound of weight. The oxygen output of this unit is 200-800 milliliters per minute, and it delivers up to 95 percent pure oxygen.

The X-PLOR uses breath detection technology, making sure oxygen is delivered with each breath, ranging from 15 to 40 breaths per minute. The machine will also alert you if no breath is detected, allowing you to make adjustments as needed.

Noise Level

Operatingat 39 decibels, it ranks among the quietest portable oxygen concentrators, similar to its Inogen competitors. This device runs quieter than the average noise inside your home.

Battery Life

The battery lives up to five hours with an 8-cell battery, which is longer than many competitors. It runs for up to 2.5 hours with a 4-cell battery. In addition, direct charge batteries allow you to charge your unit whether you’re wearing it or not, giving you the capability of charging a backup battery while simultaneously using your device.

Hiking With the Belluscura X-PLOR Portable Concentrator

Accessories and Add-Ons

With the basic package, you’ll get:

  • The portable oxygen concentrator (includes air intake filter)
  • DC power adapter
  • 4-cell battery
  • Carry bag
  • The Quick Start Guide
  • AC power adapter
  • The User Manual
  • User-replaceable cartridge
  • A handle and shoulder strap that attaches to the carry bag

In addition to the basic package, you can choose these add-on accessories:

  • Additional batteries (4 or 8-cell)
  • A backpack
  • Additional cartridges

Other Features and Benefits of the X-PLOR:

  • User-replaceable cartridges offer convenience, so you don’t need to send in your device for maintenance.
  • The X-PLOR is FAA-approved, making it ideal for travelers.
  • It has a clear LCD screen.
  • It auto senses AC power supply to conserve battery life.
  • The carry bag offers protection of the unit and includes a handle and shoulder strap for your convenience.
  • The machine’s warm-up time is less than two minutes.
  • The unit weighs 3.25 pounds with a 4-cell battery and 3.75 with an 8-cell battery.
  • Oxygen purity is 82-92 percent with all flow settings.
  • It’s made in the U.S.A.
  • It comes with a three-year warranty.
  • The nasal cannula is not included in the package and must be purchased separately.

Before you decide on a portable oxygen concentrator, you’ll need to consider each feature that’s important to you. First, you need to consider your oxygen needs. If you need a flow setting between one and four, the X-PLOR can deliver. If you need a higher flow setting, you should consider other devices.

If you need a flow setting between one and four and love staying active or traveling, you should consider this device since it’s lightweight, portable, quiet, and offers a decent battery life.

Overall, the X-PLOR is an excellent option for active people who won’t let supplemental oxygen use hold them back from doing the things they love.


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