I Can’t Stand The Rain (sing it with me …)

Greetings from the land of rain, rain and more rain! Which, can I just say, that even for Ireland is kinda’ taking the mick! Apparently we had summer last week. So that was nice! Just as I thought it might be safe to invest in a pedi and expose my feet to the outside world, the elements thought otherwise. It’s been brollies ahoy in recent days and it doesn’t look like it is going to clear anytime soon.
So, in the spirit of all those annoying inspirational quotes that infest my Instagram feed daily, I am going to take this ‘obstacle’ and turn it into an ‘opportunity’. In other words, my friends, today we are going to talk all things mac. No, not the apple type; the beige and belted kind. This particular garment has been hailed for many years as a wardrobe staple – yes, this indispensable item should be hanging in your wardrobe nestled between your Little Black Dress and your pale grey cashmere crew neck. Except that I actually don’t have any of these things (shock and horror and she calls herself a fashion(ish) blogger?) The reasons are simple … I don’t like macs! LBD … err, psoriasis! And, as much as I love them on others, I actually find cashmere sweaters too warm. However, I realise that my foibles do not have to be foisted on others, so back to the task in hand. It’s summer, the temperatures are mild to warm, but it’s raining. A mac is the obvious answer. The universally recognised sartorial answer to wet weather.

In the past my main objection to macs has been their predictability. They are quite simply a very dull piece of clothing. Beige (we’ve all heard Billy Connolly on that subject) and belted (not a fan of the belted coat), so today I’ve had a mooch online to find more interesting variations on the theme, all of which will still ideally camouflage a flaking scalp.
Diving straight in with the gingham trend of the season and this offering from Helene Berman on Asos. The practically named Gingham Trench Coat currently on sale at €162.16 from €283.77
If gingham isn’t your thing, perhaps I could tempt you with this more reasonably priced Vero Moda Trench Stripe Coat, €52 available from the Next directory?
Now apparently this is not beige (really??) … no, according to the blurb it is pastel grey, so that allows me to declare this my absolute favourite. No belt! The Classic Cotton Trench Coat, €59.95 from Mango.
If you prefer your classic to come with a belt and lapel, then perhaps you might favour this Double Breasted Trench from Mango, €89.95.
Pink but eminently practical now from M&S in the form of the Belted Trench Coat with Stormwear, from €55.
Finishing with a cheap and cheerful nod to the look with the Petite Maisie Bonded Trench just €36 from Boohoo
Have a great week and hopefully the weather will do a U turn allowing me to devote my next blog post to swimwear … *snorts loudly and pulls up hood*.


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