Hungry? Hang in there, The Ever-Festive APDSG SUMMER POTLUCK Approaches!

Summer, as we know it here in Anchorage-By-The-Sea has begun, and who
knows, by the time you read this, it may already be over!
NEVERTHELESS, The Anchorage Parkinson”s Disease Support Group will hold
its Umpteenth Summer Potluck Saturday the 15th of June, 3:30pm. What to bring: whatever you think would be an appropriate dish. It’s a pot luck, let’s test that “luck” thing. What not to bring: consider leaving your squirt guns and leaf blowers at home. Whom to bring: family and friends, anybody involved with Parkinson’s. Where to Bring It: Our
home, the Singing Fiddle Ranch is located at 9601 Elmore Road. To get
there head for the intersection of Abbott And Elmore roads, in bucolic
South Anchorage, on the Lower Hillside. Once at the intersection, go
South on Elmore about 1/4  mile,  begin a short steep climb up a hill.
About halfway up, look for our lonnnnnng driveway on your left. You
should see the driveway just after the end of the neighbor’s  chain-link
fence. Proceed east, down the lonnnnng driveway, find ample parking
near the end and at the end. Park. Exit your car, carry copious
quantities of delicious food to the West lawn, where we will be whooping
it up in typical rowdy Parkinson’s style until the wee hours of Sunday
morning or until 6:00 pm, whichever comes first. In case of inclement
weather, we will hold the festivities inside.The definition of
“Inclement” will be the prerogative of management. So pray for clearly
clement weather thus avoiding any unseemly quarrels due to close
judgement calls. I think that covers it, I hope to see you there!

Your Benevolent APDSG Ovrlord,


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