How to Repair the Body’s Ability to Heal Itself 11/29 by Parkinsons Recovery

Chronic illness, by definition, is a failure to heal in spite of interventions.

When embarking on a healing journey with any holistic modality, we must first ask, “Can I count on my body to heal itself when all is said and done, after all the effort and expense?  Holistic modalities work with the body to facilitate healing, but ultimately it is your body’s innate self-repair ability that determines whether you get well. Today’s chaotic environment is increasingly taking a toll on what we have always taken for granted: our vital ability to self-repair.  Without it there can be no healing. 

Our “Innate intelligence” is a function of the Human Body Field, the “computer” that controls the physiology of the  of the body. Through the work of Master Acupuncturist Peter Fraser, who spent 30-years mapping out the quantum electrodynamic structures of the Human Body Field in detail, we now have the science to assess and rebuild the compromised HBF from the ground up.

My guest is Margaret Wilson who is a practitioner of this technology, NES Health. For more information about her work and NES Health visit


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