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Shereen Noon shares how she healed herself of cancer at 26, and is now focusing her healing abilities on Access Consciousness and “The Access Bars.”  Access is making dramatic changes in people’s health and lives by ending judgments and conclusions, which lead to limitation and disease.  By being in the question and a state of receiving, humans can naturally flow into a state of healthy cellular functioning, freedom, and desirable life changes.  Shereen describes the simple, non-invasive touch of “The Bars” and how it releases lifetimes of programming and conditioning that cause the disease in our lives and bodies.  When we receive the gentle touch on these 32 points on the head, anxiety, stress, confusion, and self-judgment are released, and the body and mind are supported in having less dramatic symptoms and flare-ups, healthier cell processing, and a greater sense of possibility for the future. How does it get any better than that?

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