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1. For the first time since the coronavirus outbreak started, China has reported no new domestic transmissions of Covid-19, a major milestone in the country’s fight against the pandemic. The country has closed its final specific coronavirus hospital – because it is no longer needed. Medics were seen joyfully ripping off their protective gear in scenes of celebration. As the outbreak is finally brought under control, parks and tourist attractions are slowly beginning to reopen to the public under careful moderation.

2. Despite the death toll in Italy continuing, the confirmed cases are now slowing. Italy may have been hit hard, experts say, because they have the oldest population in Europe

3. Cases are also declining in South Korea, just 74 on 17th March, a significant drop from 909 at its peak on February 29 and has decreased each day since.

4. Researchers in Rotterdam and Utrecht University claim they have found an antibody that can successfully cure a patient of the disease. It could lead to a vaccine and also allow people to test themselves at home, freeing up valuable time for struggling health services across the world.

5. Doctors at the Sawai Man Singh Hospital in Jaipar, India, have been using a cocktail of HIV, swine flu and Malaria medication to cure Covid-19 patients.

6. The Cleveland Clinic also apparently has technology which can turn around coronavirus tests in eight hours – though it still needs further in-house testing.

7. Japanese pharmaceutical firm Takeda Pharmaceutical Co has revealed it is working on a new coronavirus drug which uses blood plasma of recovered patients and researchers in Ontario, Canada, have replicated the virus which could prove invaluable for testing.

8. A newborn baby at North Middlesex Hospital with the disease has now been confirmed to be out of danger, while 103-year-old grandmother Zhang Guangfen was cured within a week.

9. The first person in New Delhi to catch the virus has successfully recovered at Safdarjung hospital.

10. Across the UK and abroad communities are coming together to help their neighbours. Village shops are delivering to elderly and vulnerable residents and groups are being set up to help those isolating with shopping and medicine drops.

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