Freedom Of Choice To Heal Psoriasis Naturally

Hello Warriors! A quick post in honor of those that fight for freedom. Here in America we celebrate our Independence Day as a country. I am focused on celebrating those that fight for their independence from psoriasis. This is a War.

A Warrior has eyes focused & fixed upon Ultimate Victory.

Battles lost in the name of Wars won.

Self-realization, empowerment and change come from convictions to a CHOICE. Then getting lost in the process of change, this is the CHALLENGE. As we vest the challenges and they turn into skills of a 1st Nature, we become the change. We shed past identities that no longer serve us while constructing new perceptions that do. We CHERISH this new powerful Warrior-Self.

Change starts with Conviction to a Choice. Challenge yourself and Cherish the wisdom and skills you gain.

That is my thought for now, the freedom of choice. We protect our freedoms, we live free everyday and I am grateful for the freedoms I enjoy.

I realize now in my life, how powerful the freedom of choice is. As I broke free of conventional treatment and wisdom, making a firm CHOICE to study and build a natural approach, it became increasingly apparent to me that the choice itself was the most pivotal moment.

This leads me to my 3 Cs of approaching a natural practice to heal psoriasis naturally:

  1. Choice
  2. Challenge
  3. Cherish

Choice – This is where it all begins, where we set the path for ourselves to make a cataclysmic difference in our lives. Every choice is so important. An increasing level of awareness, leading to accountability and responsibility. This is true power for an individual, a self-referred discipline towards self-care. Every choice we make, whether it’s lifestyle or diet, is a catalyst to new doors opening and old doors closing.

Challenge – The practice that we build, based on each constructive, momentous choice we make. As we write down each step, and log each part of progress, the practice builds and builds. The reason it continues to build is that we continue to CHOOSE to CHALLENGE ourselves everyday to be a hero for good. A champion for our bodies. A growing practice builds continuous belief that eventually leads to faith. Hope is action, there is no coping, only action.

“Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.” ~Yoda

Cherish – This is the most important part of a practice full of sacrifice and challenges. Cherishing each moment as rewards to Self for being disciplined and responsible for the vitality and health we need to have to make a difference for all others and this planet. Self-Care is where it begins, helping others without expecting anything in return is the path we are walking. I have realized that I learn much more as I am teaching others by example. The more I learn, the less I know, and the more brilliant people I meet. This is what makes my journey so rewarding, and what I cherish most. I can’t let anyone down, and hence I DO NOT let myself down.

These 3 paradigms are the ship of a lifestyle shift that will benefit you firstly, and everyone you love thereafter. As we continue to make tough choices, grow more responsbility for each action we make and learn more about ourselves, I think each of us may realize that Psoriasis is just the beginning of a journey that will change our lives for the greater good of all.

We defend our freedoms, we make our choices, we must realize the power we possess and the influence we have on ourselves and others. Everything we do, matters. Every choice we make, moves us.

Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life.” ~Jerzy Gregorek

Keep walking your path, keep studying your craft and keep choosing the more difficult way, to make your life easier forever. Challenge yourself, and cherish your results. Only each one of us can measure our success in life and only our opinion matters when facing skepticism. This is the way of the warrior!

Start your Natural Psoriasis Healing Journey now to remove the pain and suffering known as psoriasis from your life.

Don’t hesitate, now is your moment. NOW, is your Time, Always.

Now, you stand up.
Now, you build strength.
Now, you build skills.
Now, you build a practice.
Now, you live the change you work.
Now, you master the fear and pain.
Now, you generate love and joy.
Now, you work your purpose with passionate persistence.
Now, you are walking the Path.
Now, you are on your Journey Home.
Now, you see that you are NOT alone.
Now, you walk with a Tribe.
Now, you feel the healing Vibe.
Now, you realize what you’ve been told is a lie.
Now, you live truth through the mind’s eye.
Now, you are training to be the Warrior your Body needs you to be.

Get my free guide to begin your psoriasis healing training, click here.

You CAN do this. Others are doing it, they are Human. You are Human, you can do it too.

Everyone take a moment to reflect on those who serve and to cherish the service you are now carrying out for yourself to cure Psoriasis naturally and for good.

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