Four Foundations of Recovery from Parkinson’s Disease 12/22 by Parkinsons Recovery

What does it really take for recovery from Parkinson’s to happen for you? There is no doubt but that the treatment of Parkinson;s symptoms helps many people. The limitation of this approach of course is that there is no end to the treatment. When treatments are focused on symptoms only, they must continue day in and day out. Why? The cause of symptoms has not be addressed.

An alternative approach is to set the intention to find the cause of the Parkinson’s symptoms. Once the cause (or causes) have been identified they can be treated and healed. Even when the cause has been identified, what is really necessary to heal from the neurological symptoms of Parkinson’s disease? 

I discuss the four foundations of healing Parkinsons from the inside-out in the show today. Many people falsely believe it is not possible to reverse the symptoms of Parkinson’s. My research reveals that there are many paths to recovery that people take to reverse their symptoms.  

I preview the 2015 Jump Start to Recovery Alderbrook Program which will convene at Alderbrook in Washington State November 1st through 3rd. Also available now is the Jump Start to Recovery Online Course at Udemy.  

Robert Rodgers PhD 
Parkinsons Recovery

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