Rheumatoid Arthritis

Flying by the seat of my pants again


Hello much neglected blog of mine! While you were neglected, you were thought of quite a bit.

I’ve struggled for probably 2 years with what my plan is for you. You see, I started getting invited to things and asked my opinion on things and suddenly, I thought I needed to have some overarching planning. To instill you with words of wisdom that I thought I didn’t possess or wasn’t qualified to give. I also struggled because I’m stable which made me think that perhaps my voice wasn’t as needed…it does seem like a lot of bloggers disappear when their health improves and I also *don’t* want to take away from bloggers who are in the midst of figuring things out.

I’ve had multiple people tell over the past 2 years that nobody really talks about stability. So I tried to create a plan that focused on that…but it just felt weird. I don’t know, it felt like me but it didn’t ring true to what I’ve always written here.

I had a lightbulb moment this past week. Really, the answer is quite simple. I just need to continue to write about what I’m doing, what my life is, what challenges I face because…even just telling you about my life, I’m still doing my life with RA. Just not as dramatically anymore. There are still struggles and faux pas and honestly, I have never done this to get invited to things or asked my opinion.

I think the responsibility I felt because those things have happened got to me. I think there are still messages and stories I can share about living my life with RA by just doing it. No overarching plan or calendar or anything. My preferred method has always been flying by the seat of my pants.

So here I am…no plan…stable…hopefully with bloggers block eliminated.

Lots to catch you up on! Talk soon!


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