Finding peace with in, foundation of the mind: Lewy Body Dementia

 Lewy Body Dementia (LBD) – is a disease that is connected with abnormal deposits of protein that is called alpha-Synuclein in the brain. These deposits are called Lewy Bodies. This leads to issues with memory (thinking) movement behavior and mood. This dimension is common.  

 Symptoms:  May be mild, the person may still function normally as the disease progresses and thinking, movement decline a person may require help. As the condition worsens the person may need total care. 

    Causes: The causes are unknown.


    Risks: Genetics, disease and health condition, genetics.

Cognitive Symptoms: Dementia-there’s serve loss of thinking

  • Cognitive fluctuations- undetectable changes in concentration attention, alertness and wakefulness

  • Hallucinations- visual 80% of people

Behavioral/Mood: Apathy, depression, anxiety, agitation, delusions, paranoia

Treatment: speech therapy, physical, occupational, expressive, art, mental health, palliative care

Medication: Exelon


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