Finding peace with in, foundation of the mind: Creutzfeldt

 Creutzfeldt – Jakob Disease (CJD) also known as prion human disease. It is said to be a neurodegenerative disorder. This disease quickly spreads and is always fatal. Having an infection with this disease will lead to death within one year. In many countries, the USA being one – the estimate is one case per million population.  Mental states loosen when the disease progresses.


How CJD is transmitted: Sporadically: It just happens.

  Inheritance / Genes: Less than 15% of people with CJD have atamilly history of the disease or test positive for a sentence mutation.

  Contamination: A tiny number of people have been infected after their tissue has been exposed during a medical procedure.

  Risk : Genetics, age, contamination.

   Treatment: There is no treatment! The only treatment was to keep the infected person comfortable. Opiate drugs can help relieve pain. Clonazepam and sodium valproate may help ease myoclonus.  

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