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Glastonbury may be over but it’s still very much the season of the festival. And although I’d rather eat my own hair than be subjected to the mud, the tents and the drunken revellers greeting the dawn, I am aware that not everyone is quite so ancient! So, today I’m going to tackle the subject of what to wear to these summer festivities.

Due to the fact that I have a teenage girl living in my house, I feel somewhat qualified to tackle this subject. (I can sense her eye rolls from here!) And although we may often associate festival apparel with teeny shorts and mesh tops, I think (hope) I’ve found some good alternatives that will suit those of you trying to conceal psoriasis.
So let’s get started … and anyone who knows me will be amused by my first pick which is a pair of dungarees. I have been very vocal to my blogging friends about how much I despise these and deem them only fit for toddlers! However, when it comes to festival wear, rules are made to be broken, so I’m going in and suggesting these black Amelia Boyfriend Denim Dungarees from Boohoo. (To be clear, I still firmly maintain that these should not be worn by anyone over the age of 30!)

In my head, these work if paired with something like this Off The Shoulder Top from H&M. Very cute! The fact that it’s cropped won’t matter as your skin will be covered by the dungaree bib, but the look will still be young and fresh. Add a choker, some flat fringed ankle boots, and layer up the tasselled bracelets!

A maxi dress or skirt is always a great option to fall back on for all summer occasions, and will work just as well for festivals. This Carolina Floral Off The Shoulder maxi dress is available in either ivory or black and has the perfect boho vibe. Just add a tiny denim jacket for complete coverage.

Given the unpredictable vagaries of the summer weather on this island, a jacket is always a good idea regardless of psoriasis, and this pink Denim Jacket from H&M is a change from the usual blue.

If, however, pink is a bit too girlie, there is also the option of this cropped Ally Camouflage Denim Jacket from Boohoo.

And just in case it rains (snorts … like that’s not going to happen!) this is a very snazzy variation on the usual windcheater, the Shimmering Metallic Jacket from H&M complete with hood. (I’m pretty sure the eye rolling teen wouldn’t be caught dead with the hood up, but I’ll leave it here as an option for others)

Then it’s all about the accessories such as the aforementioned choker and bracelets and of course, no festival outfit would be complete without the requisite mirrored sunglasses. Definitely more form over function for this Heart Shaped pair from H&M, but its all about looking the part!
Finally, don’t forget your sunscreen as the last thing anyone wants is to burn, not only because of the discomfort it causes, but also because it can lead to a nasty flare of psoriasis. The heat, the sun and the alcohol are all triggers for irritating your skin, so to ease the itch I also strongly recommend popping a tube of Suu Balm into your back pack. With 3% menthol (but no steroids … whoop, whoop!) this cream is extraordinarily effective for relieving itch … and it does so within five minutes. It’s rare for me to really rave about any product, as I’m always conscious that what works for one, may not work for another. However, Suu Balm does not claim to cure your skin; it simply promises to moisturise and ease itch, both of which it does very well. But don’t just take my word for it! Click on this link and request a free sample for yourself.

As festival wear is clearly waaaaay out of my comfort zone (up there with gym gear), that’s my lot for today. But if you are heading to Longitude this weekend, enjoy! Talk to you next week.

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