Exciting Discoveries From Analysis of Voice Profiles 04/13 by Parkinsons Recovery

Sharry Edwards from Sound Health has been systematically analyzing the commonalities across voice profiles that have been taken of people with Parkinsons symptoms. Some of the profiles were taken from listeners of my radio show. Others were taken from people who attended the Parkinsons Recovery Summit in March.

I pronounce the following without reservation: You are going to be truly amazed at what she has discovered. You will also be very surprised about the factors she has identified that are common to Parkinson’s Disease. Her research discoveries will inspire a different approach to the diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson’s symptoms.

Get ready to be excited and dazzled. This show will knock your socks off without even taking your shoes off. Sharry will be joined by Dr. Roman Chrucky, MD, who will discuss his own experience with voice profiling. I believe this is the medicine of the future. The exciting part is that it is available to us all now.  

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