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This post is a continuation of Emotional Detox and Letting Go of the Past part 1.

Emotional detox involves letting go of the past and releasing the emotions, beliefs, and experiences that no longer serve us. This is my story about how I finally let go of my past in order to fully embrace a healthy and happy future. 

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Letting Go of the Past

I was finally ready to release my past by going through all my old journals, photos and medical paperwork, with the intent to discard everything related to old trauma, fear, hurt, grief, despair, darkness, madness or illness.

Which, honestly was most of what I went through.  So I gathered it all up, along with my courage, and prepared to let it go.

Burn, Baby Burn

Inspired by a cancer survivor’s story,  I set up a ritual fire to burn all the paper based mementos of my painful past.  I lit candles, I put on soothing chanting, and I grabbed my bottle of holy water (just in case!)

And then I brought over the bags filled with old journals, medical charts, and hospital admission paperwork etc.  Lastly, I removed the trauma memories written on scraps of paper from The SCARY JAR and I sat before the fire place.

Full of intention and determination, I lit the fire, and said a prayer. 

Then. I. Burnt. It. All.  

As I did, I repeated this affirmation:

When I was done I found myself suddenly laughing!  I don’t know what I expected, but not that! 

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I had both physically and symbolically let go of all that old trauma and drama.  Wow.  

Next, I took a hot shower with the intention that I was washing away any left over energetic residue of what I’d released in the fire.  I let the water flow over me, cleansing me physically-emotionally-spiritually, before disappearing down the drain. 

See ya. 

Celebrating My Emotional Detox

After ritualistically letting go of my past I took myself out for a massage to celebrate my emotional detox: all that I’ve survived, and all that I’ve healed, and all that I’ve released.

I knew I’d done something both profound and powerful and I felt goooooood.

Later that night I briefly wondered if I really shoulda done that…

Going through that closet, and everything in it was definitely emotionaly charged.  I had to do it little by little so as not to get overwhelmed, and even still I was a bit of a hot mess. 

But I’m so glad I did it, not only because it enabled me to let it all go, but because looking over my past reminded me of how incredible I am, how strong and brave and fierce and self motivated I am. How smart and creative I am. 

How WORTHY of a WONDERFUL life I am and always have been.

The Past as a Source of Hope 

And I finally understood that my past isn’t something to shamefully hide in banged up boxes in a dark closet.  Uh-uh. 

It tells the story of just how far I’ve come, and how much I’ve overcome.  It’s something to share because in sharing it I can inspire others who otherwise might not know just how much I’ve survived and healed.

Yeah. All that and here I am: happy, healing, safe, loved and telling my story. 

By opening up about my past, I can connect with others who’ve been through similar things, and most importantly, I can offer them HOPE.

Emotional Healing is a Journey

Healing from my traumatic past is an ongoing process, requiring different approaches at different times, and a whole lotta support from loved ones and metal health professionals. 

Burning my old journals doesn’t mean I’m magically PTSD-free, but it did feel truly FREEING. 

And it was a excellent reminder that holistic healing isn’t just about diet and detox.  It involves the emotional and spiritual aspects of our being too.  It includes facing our past, letting go, and intentionally choosing to create a happy and healthy future.

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You’re worth it too. You are also WORTHY of a WONDERFUL life, and always have been.

 Self worth & hugs,

P.S. Have you even done anything to symbolically or ritually let go of your past?  Is your past a source of shame, or inspiration? If you can relate to anything from my story…

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