Early Onset Alzheimer’s – Encourage, Inspire, and Inform: My Old/New Work Shirt


my calendar has gained in busyness, some days I know I’m never leaving the house.
On those days, I like to wear something comfortable, sleeveless, with a scoop or
V-neck. I cannot stand to work in a T-shirt with a high neckline and sleeves
that come to my elbows.


I was
looking through my closet this morning and selected two different T-shirts. I
pulled one on and was instantly hot, although our air conditioner was set on
Arctic blast. I discarded the second T-shirt for the same reason. About that
time, my eyes landed on a Smithton Tigers shirt. Both of my Tiger grandkids
have been out of school for several years, and I saw no reason that I’d ever be
wearing that shirt to a game.


grabbed the scissors and went to work. First, I cut the neckline to a larger
size and then shortened the sleeves for good measure. With the snip of my scissors,
I had a “new” work shirt.


used to cut the sleeves out of perfectly good shirts. To get the shirts to fit
his trim body, he needed a small shirt, but it would be uncomfortably tight
around his broad shoulders. Also, I think he rather liked to show off his


Jim’s dementia progressed, we had to change his apparel. Yes, I attempted to
button up his 501 Levis, but that wasn’t successful. Eventually, he wore
sweatpants, stretchy shorts, T-shirts, and shoes fastened with Velcro. Fashion
went by the wayside, but he had a good collection of Kansas City Chiefs and
NASCAR T-shirts.


choices of clothing change with age and physical circumstances. I’m all for
soft, comfy clothes because of my arthritis. Sometimes the simple pressure of
jeggings can increase the pain in my knees. I’d much rather wear my Halloween
or Christmas leggings because they are the softest leggings I have. Some people
think that every day is a holiday for retired people. Well, that’s not true at
all, but judging by my clothing choices, someone might believe that to be true.


shopping habits have certainly changed. Over the last year and a-half, the only
article of clothing I purchased was a pair of sweatpants. I have enough
clothing in my closet to clothe a small nation.


I tried
to donate a large sack of clothing just to find out none of the thrift stores
were taking donations. I came home and rather than put the bag back in the
closet, I threw it in the trash. That goes against my grain, but since I had
decided to donate, I either didn’t want the clothing or never wore them.


I’m eyeing my other shirts to decide how to repurpose them. The ultimate plan was
to make a quilt out of my Alzheimer’s T-shirts. I’m not sure when that will
happen, if it ever does. I have discovered that a few snips of my scissors can
create a comfortable shirt for work or leisure. I vote for leisure.


© June 2021 by L.S. Fisher


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