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Does part of you declare it is time to recover and another part of you resist recovery? Do you know what you can do for yourself to get incredible relief from the symptoms of Parkinson’s but you do not do any of what you should be doing for yourself? Steven Fenwick, Ph.D., uses Dynamic Energetic Healing (DEH) to identify and clear any and all resistance you might unconsciously have to feeling better. Dr. Fenwick is at the cutting edge of the field of psychotherapy. He explains in my interview with him how it is possible to heal emotional and physical problems using DEH, a systematic approach utilizing muscle testing. With DEH you don’t sit on a couch and barf out your life’s dramas and tragedies for 100 sessions. Once an intention is set, the clearing is done rapidly, in one to several sessions. With DEH, unconscious resistance to recovery is acknowledged and cleared. Any and all traumas that obstruct recovery are identified and cleared. Relief happens now, not 20 years from now. Pretty cool, eh?


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