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Healing comes down to what we DO everyday.

Taking action, drinking the juice, eating the plant foods, drinking the alkaline water, sitting down for the meditation, standing up for the yoga.

Whatever is working for you, keep WORKING IT and refining it. All of these parts as a whole is how the body heals, in totality.

There is a lot of talk on the Internet about fads and falsities, which circulates constantly. This will come and go with the wind. Where you bury your flag in the ground and how you steer your ship is most important.

Whenever someone approaches you with information, ask them if they actually DRINK the juice or EAT the foods or LIVE the change.

Then ask them how long have they done it? You will find that many use information they find to validate non-effort and keep themselves in an easy experience. Change is hard and scary. Paradigm Shifts are downright terrifying.

I honor and praise you for your courage to take action and drive change in your life.

We will drive change everyday in my Advanced Healing Tribe


People’s belief is typically based on their:

1.) Research: what they are told, family societal norms, news, conditioning, education, religious teachings etc. they’ve bought into that they pass on


2.) Application: experience, wisdom, trial, tribulation, errors, mistakes, lessons, example-setting, what the person has actually BEEN through in the field, the efforts they make, the observations they document and the results they show.

I am attracted to the 2.) Believers because that is where I have seen the desired change manifest every time. They show me their pictures, their journal, their diet plan, their meditation class, their yoga class, and these all inspire me to add more to my daily regimen. This is reciprocation by example and action.

Build your daily practice and stick to it. Gain the information you need to take action. Don’t overthink it though.

There will always be an opinion or a link someone slaps at you that they present as fact. It’s not fact. The fact is, nobody knows.

You can choose to learn, understand and comprehend your life experience, what your mind and body need. Focus on that practice.

Measure how you feel at 6 weeks, 6 months, 6 YEARS.

Stick to it for the LONG-RUN. Be creative and open-minded to things that spark your intuition.

Don’t bury your intuition under played-out thought streams that you aren’t even sure are your own beliefs. Let them go if they do not serve you. Then more space opens up for thoughts that do serve your cause.

Much Love. Mad Respect. More Healing.

Matt Ludwig
fellow PHWarrior


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