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Since I lasted posted I have visited an oncologist regarding the breast cancer diagnosis.  Not a fun few hours for sure, but we have a plan now and if all stays true to that I will start chemotherapy on May 10th.

One thing we are concerned about is “chemo brain” — a side effect from the chemotherapy.  Short term memory can be hampered as well as other things such as lack of concentration and that ‘foggy” feeling.  I know those things all too well now, I am hoping they don’t get much worse.  But there isn’t anything we can do about it so we are hoping for the best.

After 4 cycles of chemo (one week on, two weeks off – for a total of 12 weeks) then it is on to surgery.  After I recover from surgery we will be looking at radiation for 5-7 weeks (five days a week). 

It is going to be a long summer.

This week I still have a few tests to take to prepare for the start of chemo.

I also have an Alzheimer’s speech I am giving in Warner Robins Georgia which is a couple of hours away.  It has been on the schedule for a long time and it is important that I do it.

Then, I have family coming in for my great niece’s graduation from Emory University. So, all the things going on this week will help with me trying to keep my  mind off things — if you can really do that.

Last night my husband and I attended a Billy Joel Concert in Atlanta.  I have never seen him in concert and it was a great show.  He sang for three hours straight and all great songs.  The show was held at the Suntrust Bank Baseball Field — the new home of the Atlanta Braves.  We decided to stay the night in a hotel which was walking distance to the stadium so we didn’t have to hassle with the parking and the commute at night.  That was perfect.  When we arrived at the hotel my daughter-in-law had brought by a little “goody bag” for us and in it my son left this note:

So cute and clever.  Made me feel good after a long morning with the oncologist.

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