Cousins aim high for July to Do it for Dementia

​Cousins Lauren, Grant, Cerys and Dylan from the North East of Scotland have set themselves an ambitious mission to walk, run or cycle every day of July around Newburgh, in aid of Alzheimer Scotland.

Lauren tells us how the idea came together,

“To begin with it was just a wild idea I threw out to the others and I half expected them to say no or “don’t be silly we won’t be able to do that”, but they didn’t and so we decided to go ahead with it! It’s also great to be doing this as a family because we’ve all seen the impact of dementia on not only our Granda, but everyone else around him so to be doing this all together is really special and rewarding.”

Initially aiming for 5-10k per day, five days into the challenge they had already tallied up 250km between them, and the kilometres continue to stack up as each day of July passes.

The cousin’s have a personal connection to Alzheimer Scotland as their Granda is living with dementia. Fortunately, they live in the same neighbourhood and are able to visit both their Granda and Granny in their garden to provide company and some form of normality. Lauren tells us her Granda has struggled to understand the pandemic,

“Lockdown has been quite difficult, especially for Granda who doesn’t really understand what’s going on and why we can’t come in to see him. But we are all extremely lucky to live within 5 minutes of each other.”

The team are continuing with their challenge and staying motivated thanks to the support and messages of good luck from friends and family.

Lauren just hopes the weather continues to improve for the rest of the month- we do too!

Support all four cousins and keep up with their progress via their Just Giving page here

You too can aim high for July or set a challenge for August by taking part in a virtual challenge that suits you. Sign up here today! 


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