COPD Global: 1st Latin American COPD Patient Leadership Summit

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On December 5, 2015, the 1st Latin American COPD Patient Leadership Summit, organized by the COPD Foundation and COPD Global, was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Summit was attended by representatives of patient organizations, patients, caregivers, and leading physicians from 10 Latin American (LATAM) countries, all working in the area of COPD.

Exacerbation Presentations focused on progress of scientific research and advising patients in matters of treatment, rehabilitation and practical aspects of everyday life. Speakers included: Drs. Alejandra Rey (Uruguay), Gabriel García (Argentina), Maria Montes de Oca (Venezuela) and José Jardim (Brazil). Patients Raul Arbiza (Uruguay) and Carlos Cambon (Argentina) gave personal testimonies, and John Walsh, president of the COPD Foundation in the USA, spoke about the importance and benefits of global cooperation in the areas of communication, resource sharing and COPD research. Attendees had opportunities to break out in groups and exchange experiences and discuss suggestions for COPD awareness in their countries.

The following meeting objectives were addressed:


  • Specific COPD patient needs
  • Firsthand progress and the main avenues of research that are being developed
  • Creating awareness to require public and private policies for prevention, research and treatment
  • Benefits, organization and active participation of the patient community at the local, regional and global levels


COPD Global is an initiative of the COPD Foundation with the aim of mobilizing individuals living with COPD worldwide. COPD Global and COPD community stakeholders in Latin America have committed to:


  • Create a database of all participants and develop a LATAM network of contacts
  • Translate COPD Global materials into Spanish and make it available to LATAM community
  • Provide resources for the organization of patient groups with support from health professionals and the pharmaceutical industry
  • Provide general education and assist with information for local COPD campaigns


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