Rheumatoid Arthritis

Cooking oil and Rheumatoid Arthritis

We discuss how:

  • How oil can have a massively detrimental effect on our body
  • What are Lipopolysaccharides
  • When the oil is heated, it increases the amount of free radical load
  • What is Oxidative Stress

I really wanted to share this video with you because it covers the use of fried oil, and the massive detrimental effects that it has on the digestive system. And it feeds into all of the area of study that I do around healing the gut. And so what I want to show is this study that’s just come out at the end of August 2019, and how cooking oils that have been used for fried food have such a massive detrimental impact on the exact area that we’re healing when we following the Paddison Program.

So this article is called The Thermally Processed Oil Exaggerates Colonic Inflammation and Colitis Associated Colon Tumor Genesis in Mice. And really want I want to draw upon here, is just how detrimental these industrial cooking oils in this case canola oil and fried foods that you would find at just your local cafe, your local restaurant. And what detrimental impact that can have on your health. Even a vegetable stir fry at your Thai restaurant or having a fried veggie burger at your local cafe. This is going to have terrible impact on your digestive health, and I’ve seen months of recovery required from eating such foods. And why is it just so bad? Well in this study what they did is they fed mice fried food and tried to represent the amount of sort of fried food that might be found in the frequency of a human diet based on the popular nurse’s study that was done many years ago studying sort of population statistics. What they found is that they have published here in the abstract, dietary administration of frying oil prepared under the conditions of good commercial practice. And what did it do? It exaggerated colitis, which is an inflammatory bowel disease, which is the area of most interest with rheumatoid arthritis the colon and also the small intestine. It also increased the tumor Genesis, meaning grew tumors.

In addition, dietary administration of this fried oil impaired intestinal barrier function. And so the underlying mechanism of rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory arthritic autoimmune conditions, are that we’ve got a translocation and we’ve got a movement of stuff that’s meant to be in your intestines that’s getting into the bloodstream that should be protected by your gut wall. This is called leaky gut, and so we’ve got increased leaky gut. And what does this do? Well it means we get more this stuff called Lipopolysaccharides into our bloodstream. And Lipopolysaccharides are a substance that are produced by bacteria and it’s in the lining the cell wall of the bacteria. And it gets released into your blood when the bacteria enter blood. Which is the next bullet point here, the bacteria from the gut get into systemic circulation. So this is the result of this increased leaky gut, so we’ve got more of the bacteria entering the bloodstream and more of these very very pro inflammatory Lipopolysaccharides that come from the cell wall of the bacteria. Which is why the next statement here is that we get increased tissue inflammation. So this is really the exact definition. What we don’t want is more leaky gut, more bacteria in our bloodstream which end up in our joints. Which has shown in other studies where we’ve got in rheumatoid arthritis the presence of bacteria proteins, and bacteria substances in our joints. And we do not want an increase or an uptick in cytokines which are the inflammatory markers which results from these Lipopolysaccharides.

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So this is consistent with other studies partly because what happens is that when the oils are heated it dramatically increases the amount of free radical load that the oils create, so that’s one of the things that it’s going on. And just to pull upon further information here. So another study here called the effect of heated vegetable oils on blood pressure in rats. So it shows that the thermal oxidation, meaning that as we heat and therefore oxidize or create free radicals in the cooking oils promotes the generation of free radicals and may play an important contributory role in the pathogenesis or creation or development of hypertension which is high blood pressure in rats. So there’s that, but there’s also this which is the study called the evaluation of the deleterious health effects of consumption of repeatedly heated vegetable oils which of course is done in restaurants on a daily basis. The fryers are used to do chips or wedges, even in some instances vegetables if they’re deep fried all sorts of stuff and these things are reheated frequently. So in this study it’s one of the abstract comments are, results of the present study confirm that the thermal oxidation of cooking oil generates free radicals and dietary consumption of such oils results in detrimental health effects. These matters so much with rheumatoid from a free radical oxidative stress point of view as I switch across to my last study that I’m drawing upon here which is at oxidative stress and its relevance in the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis. In the abstract it says the fact that the oxidative stress is an active process in RA pathogenesis.

So, what does this mean? Oxidative stress is where we’ve got too many free radicals coming into the body than what the body can handle. So it’s just any kind of stress is kind of defined by that too much that you can handle whether it be emotional stress, work stress, digestive stress, and in this case oxidative stress or too much oxidation in the body. And the links between oxidative stress and rheumatoid arthritis are extremely well established and I gave a presentation that include a big chunk on this at plant stock in North Carolina last month. And also gave a one-hour tutorial about this to members of Paddison Program support, explaining that oxidative stress link and rheumatoid arthritis. So what do you do if you’ve gone out and eaten fried food? Well even small amounts and even non fried just coconut oil that has not been fried yet, just oil that has not even been heated can be so detrimental that a strategy is needed to recover from that. And I’ve got a video here on YouTube that you can go and watch called how to recover from eating the wrong foods and stirring up inflammation. A case study where I walk through one of the members of my support group and how Emma recovered from just eating some coconut oil that was in some muffins that she didn’t make. But when you’re talking fried oils, you’re at a whole order of magnitude more detrimental as we have seen in this study that’s just come out.

So I hope this has been helpful, stay away from the fried foods at all costs. What if you’re on a great set of drugs that are doing a good thing for you and you don’t have any inflammation in the body does that mean you can eat fried food? Absolutely not, because daily I get members who join my support group who have been on such drugs for so many years, and then have experience that the drug is no longer working or that it is not as effective or however you want to describe it. And I believe a lot of that comes from complacency with diet and exercise. So not to get make this video 10 hours long but the way that we can keep our Free Radical load is as low as possible is to have high level of antioxidants. One is through our antioxidant enzyme resources which come through exercise. So that’s how we build up our biggest defenses, and the other of course is through foods. And so if we go and drop you know fried food into the mix regularly then no matter how good the technology and the sophistication of scientific development is around medication, you can’t combat this sort of stuff that’s on the screen right now. You can’t combat against these bacteria entering your blood the Lipopolysaccharides triggering inflammation that’s just what’s going to happen.

So stay away from the fried food no matter where you’re at your healing journey, and what kind of medical treatment you’re on. Always just never eat fried food. So I hope you found this presentation helpful, please give us a thumbs up. Make sure you click the subscribe button so you don’t miss out on any of these videos. And if you want a program that ensures that you don’t consume anything bad let alone this bad head over to PaddisonProgram.com where you can find information about the Paddison Program and also about how to get private help if you’d like my coaching. Thanks a lot. I’ll see in the next video.

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