Check Out the Updated Resources!

Check Out the Updated Resources!

Have you checked out the Resources page of this blog recently? Readers keep adding to it all the time. It now contains over 40 factual, well-thought-out resource links, especially for those of us who are 60+ and dealing with the increasing demands of Parkinson’s.


  • Inheritance and IRA Guide is chock full of information about planning for and preparing your will, IRAs, and other financial end-of-life matters.
  • Fall Prevention – no, this is not about delaying autumn and living in an endless summer, although that is a lovely idea!  It’s a National Council on Aging webpage with links to videos and other resources that train senior citizens – and their caregivers – in how to avoid falls, how to get over your fear of falling, and how to build your strength and balance so you’re less likely to fall.
  • Making the Move to Assisted Living.  “Is it time to make the move?” is just one of the many questions this site discusses.  It also sorts out the costs, explains the different kinds of facilities and care options, and talks about relying on your gut instincts.

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